1 Foghamhnar 42 - Lughnasadh / Lammas 2004 - Vol.2 No. 4


This is our first salvo in our campaign to protect the Coast Redwood.
Here is the letter I have sent to my Senators and Congressperson:

"The Coast Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirons) is not only a California treasure but a national treasure as well. With less than 4% of them left, why aren't they at least on the threatened species list, if not on the endangered species list?

"How bad does it have to get before a species is considered "endangered"? I'm thinking here of the fact that less than 4% of Coast Redwoods are left, and how companies like Pacific Lumber are literally "clearcutting like drunken sailors," thus reducing that 4% on a daily basis.

"What do we know of the effect on global climate change the destruction of
the other 96% of this species has had?

"What do we know of the effect on global climate change the destruction of
the remaining 4% of this species will have?

"I urge you to draft legislation that would ban the harvest of the Coast Redwood, and the sale and export of Redwood products (for least for 100 years). This will insure not only that the present old growth Redwoods will be protected, but that younger Redwoods will have the opportunity to become old growth. This is for our children, our grandchildren, and I believe the future of this planets climate.

Thank you for listening.

Ellis Arseneau"

You may use my letter, or write one of your own.

Naturally, you must use REAL names and addresses, but email is just fine for this purpose.

Please "b.c.c." me any email you send your representatives. Also, please send copies of any response you get to us as well.

Hard copies may be sent to: OMS; PO Box 8004; Eureka CA 95502-8004

I thank you, the Order thanks you, and our sacred Redwoods thank you.

May you never thirst.

Sybok Pendderwydd /|\
Clerk, Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd Grove:
Mother Grove of the Order of the Mithril Star
Eureka, CA USA -- mithrilstar.org
"An autonomous collective of Reformed Druidry."


We've upgraded the D101 CDROM and included the new Lesson 4-A (Nature is). We've been selling it it at Avalon Risen, on the D101 homepage, and on eBay. We're charging the general public $19 for the CD, but OMS members can pick it up for $5 (and that's post paid). See http://www.mithrilstar.org/memd101cd.htm to order
at the member's price.

Also, we've been giving it away to new members who join without going through (or signing up for) the online D101 class -- that way they don't have to wait for a new session to begin -- they can just jump right in to the self study.


Last May we launched our online store, featuring Order-related items, including "Mithril Star" pendants, ritual cloaks, and T-shirts. We've become wholesalers with AzureGreen, and can get anything in their catalog ( www.azuregreen.com ) for you at 15% off their regular retail prices (but only if you use the AzureGreen link on the Avalon Risen webpage).

We've also started a new books section, featuring the "official" OMS Bibleography (a work in progress) using both AzureGreen and Amazon.Com as a resource.

Our online store is at http://www.mithrilstar.org/avalon and features a shopping cart powered by Pay Pal, so you can do all your shopping easily and conveniently.

Please keep checking that page, as we will be adding new inventory to the store every week! We already have many beautiful ritual items in there!

Also, if there are any items that you see on the AzureGreen website that you think we should carry in our store, please write us and we will consider it.

Pagan pacifist, writer, lecturer, Mara Freeman

Editorial By Sybok Pendderwydd

Historically, Pagans have been warriors. Pagans have not been opposed to warfare in general, whether it was for the purpose of defending their territory against Thorinvaders, or for the less noble cause of cattle raiding, or the even less noble cause of being the invaders themselves. But for the most part, traditional warfare had little negative impact on the environment. Blood and human remains are biodegradable after all, and often times warfare was just a faster method of returning to the Earth from which we come. The only notable exceptions were the Roman practice of salting the fields of those they conquered, rendering them sterile for a hundred years or more; and of clear cutting the sacred Groves of the Druids.

Modern warfare is different. Modern warfare involves conflict not only between combatants but also between man and nature. Attacks on the environment have become more savage as technology has developed. Environmental destruction has become an inevitable result of modern warfare and military tactics. The nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons that have emerged during the late twentieth century present threats to life itself; but short of that apocalypse, modern weapons can cause or hasten a host of environmental disasters, such as deforestation and erosion, global warming, desertification, and long-term pollution of air and water.

Modern Pagans, or "Neo-Pagans" as we are sometimes called, are drawn to this Pagan pacifist, environmental activist,  Julia Butterfly Hillspirituality by the recognition that the Earth itself is a living, breathing, entity. We Pagans are therefore the caretakers of the planet; Priests and Priestesses of the Earth Mother, Gaia. In most aspects of our lives, Her well being is taken into consideration first and foremost. Additionally, we are charged with trying to reverse the damage that has already been done, and guarantee that future damage will not occur. This in essence makes all Pagans eco-warriors, fighting the goodPagan pacifist -singer-songwriter David Nigel Lloyd fight for the environment in the arena of politics on a local, national and global scale.

We must therefore, in the defense of the Earth Mother, renounce modern warfare, and militarism, altogether. Every weapon that is fired today pollutes the Earth, and the bigger and more impersonal the weapon, the more the negative impact on the environment. We must become pacifists, and like other religious pacifists, we must not allow ourselves to be drafted into military service. Although there are certainly opportunities in the military to effect the environment in positive ways, in the event of war, those opportunities become moot. Modern warriors directly pollute the environment. There is just no way around this, or we find hypocrisy staring us accusingly in the face.

Note: Opinions expressed by the Clerk do not necessarily reflect the views of the Mother Grove.


We are now accepting enrollments for the next session of Druidcraft 101.

Use this link to enroll: http://mithrilstar.org/d101enroll.htm

If you are a member of the Order, the money commitment does not apply to you.

The "doors' will open on Thursday, August 12th. The first lesson will be uploaded on Wednesday, August 18th. Last day to enroll is Tuesday, August 24th.

This session we are adding a new lesson: Lesson 4-A: Nature is. This lesson will give an overview of our first two tenets and an introduction to the Gaian Hypothesis.


As of today we have 132 members, of which:
20 members are eligible for ordination into the First Degree.
10 members are ordained First Degree Druids.
2 members are eligible for ordination into the Second Degree
5 members are ordained Second Degree Druids
3 members are ordained Third Degree Druids
1 member is an ordained Fifth Degree Druid
2 members are ordained Seventh Degree Druids

So far During YR 42:
147 students took the Druidcraft 101 class
6 graduated and became members

So Far During YR 42, the Order has experienced a net Membership gain of 5

Total Groves: 2
Total US Members: 101
Total Canadian Members: 9
Total International Members: 21
Total Countries represented: 8
Total US States represented: 32
Total Canadian Provinces represented: 6
Top 5 US States: OR=11, CA=9, WA=9, FL=9, NY=7
Total members in areas with Redwood Groves: 4


The Oestre session of Druidcraft 101 has just concluded. Out of 70 that began the class, 12 have survived, 4 have joined the Order, and 2 have indicated they will soon. Max and Hunter have done a wonderful job with this class.

This was the last "share ware" session. We've come up with a sliding scale (see http://www.mithrilstar.org/suggested.htm ) for donating to the Order, and with the Lughnasadh session we've made the donation a mandatory thing.

The next online Druidcraft 101 class begins Wednesday, August 18th, 2004. To enroll, go to http://mithrilstar.org/d101enroll.htm
For more details, visit http://www.mithrilstar.org/d101.htm


Our next online ordinations will be held in the mithrilstar chat room sometime before Samhain.

There are (as of this writing) 20 Druids eligible for the First Degree, 2 eligible for Second and 1 eligible for 5th.

If you are in a hurry, or not able to make an online ordination, and don't want to wait for the online date, you may make a private appointment with Ceridwen or Sybok for a phone or chat room ordination - or you can contact one of the three new Third Degree Druids, as they are empowered to perform the rites for First and Second degrees.

Write the clerk of the Mother Grove for a list of 3rd's.


This Holiday honours the Sun God, Lugh, who has many names and titles: Lleu/Lugh/Lugus, Lugh of the Long Arm, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Warrior God of Justice, Travellers and Crafters. He is All Skilled, and is the Samildánach; the "Many-Gifted One". Sun Lord. Master of all the Arts. The Shining One. God of Light. Lord of All Four Corners.

The name Lugh means "light". He is the Child of the Sun. Lugh is also the God of grain harvests, of crafting, metallurgy, grains & breads, looms, and fire. Stories tell that He had taken on human form to worship among the Druids. Lugh is known as a defender of the people, especially those who may be threatened by the forces of Nature. Lugh's Spear is the flash of Light which pierces the Darkness. He is Energy. A Sun God and God of the Sky and of Lightening, as well as of Death and Rebirth. He is Mage, Alchemist and Sorcerer.

Lugh is seen as a God of Triplicity; as passionate Youth, wise King and Sage Elder. He embodies the Male dualities of Fire and Air. He is the Sacrificed God and is Protector and Defender.

Lugh teaches us not to fight battles out of anger, but to fight for causes that are just and right. He teaches us to honour our promises and our oaths.

Song of Lughnasadh

I am the sovereign splendor ofcreation
I am the fountain and the courts of bliss
I am the bright surrender of the willpower
I am the watchful guardian and the kiss
I am the many-coloured landscape
I am the transmigration of the geese
I am the burnished glory of the breastplate
I am the harbour where all strivings cease.

~~ Written by Caitlin Matthews


Ceridwen currently has one Intermediate and three Advanced sessions in progress.

SOMETHING NEW! For those who don't want to wait for a new Beginning class session to start, or who wish to work at their own pace and schedule, Ceridwen is now offering PRIVATE TUTORING sessions! Because of the increased "personal attention" these entail, there will be a sliding scale fee required...

If you wish to take advantage of this new offer, or need more information about it, send an email to:

Subject line: AstroPagan private tutoring

You will then be contacted immediately and a schedule will be set up that will conform to your own personal needs - NO WAITING! Each lesson will be offered whenever YOU are ready for it - and if you need to take time off at any point for personal business or holidays or whatever reason, your schedule will be adjusted accordingly!


To enroll for the next group class, send an email to:
Subject line: AstroPagan group class

You will then be put on a pending list until she is ready to do another beginning cycle - at a time yet to be determined.

If you are interested in a private consultation about your Astrological chart, please visit her home page at:



Today is Lughnasadh / Lammas, or August 1, 2004 CE.

It is the 1st day of the Season of Foghamhnar, as well as the 1st day of the Month of MÌ na Lÿnasa.

It is also Sunday, in the common tongue, or Dydd Sul in Welsh.

It is the Druidic day of the Birch.

FULL MOONS occur on 29 Foghamhnar, 59 Foghamhnar, and 88 Foghamhnar.

NEW MOONS occur on 15 Foghamhnar, 45 Foghamhnar and 74 Foghamhnar.

A Solar Eclipse occurs on 74 Foghamhnar.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs on 88 Foghamhnar.

The Sun enters Virgo on 22 Foghamhnar.

The birthday of our Arch-Druid, Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, occurs on 23 Foghamhnar.

Me·n Fûmhair (September) begins on 32 Foghamhnar
(a Wednesday - Dydd Mercher - Day of the Hazel).

The Order of the Mithril Star formally schismed from the Reformed Druids of Gaia on 35 Foghamhnar YR 41 (September 4 2003).

Mabon, or the Autumnal Equinox occurs on 53 Foghamhnar.

The Sun enters Libra on 53 Foghamhnar.

Deireadh Fûhmhair (October) begins on 62 Foghamhnar
(a Friday - Dydd Gwener -- Day of the Apple).

The Sun enters Scorpio on 83 Foghamhnar.

The New Druid Year (YR 43) begins at Sundown, 92 Foghamhnar
(Samhain / Calan Gaeaf), A Sunday - Dydd Sul - Day of the Birch.

The Mother Grove wishes all of you a most blessed Lughnasadh,
and abundant blessings throughout the season!

May you never thirst!

Arch Druid Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Managing Editor/Webmaster
Sybok Pendderwydd, Clerk
Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng Y Bydoedd Grove, OMS


WANT TO JOIN THE ORDER? http://www.mithrilstar.org/join.htm

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