Message from the Editor

“It seems wonderful to me that the sun should rise in the west today and in the east every other day,” he said.
“It would be better for us if it were so,” they said. “It is the radiance of the face of Lugh of the Long Arms.”

~~ Mabinogion ~~

The days grow shorter, and we are focused on what we are harvesting in our lives - seeing the results of the seeds we planted in the Spring...

The Druid's Egg has undergone a complete makeover - transitioning from a "newsletter" to an
"e-zine", and I believe you will find the navigation much easier with the new format. There is now a Table of Contents with live links to all pages, and loading time should be a lot faster, as each article, poem, and other feature now has its own page (instead of the old format which was one LONG page as per the newsletter format).

This is a work in progress, so I would welcome any feedback on the new e-zine format... :)

The other big news is that - after 5 years of service - I have passed the "Archdruid" mantle back to my sweet soulmate husband El (who was the original Archdruid of the Order). More details on this can be found in his brand new section: "Growing Closer" (see page 3).

It has been an indescribable honour to be your Archdruid, but now other responsibilities call to me in my path. I will still always be available for counsel and mentoring - and of course, Reiki healing energy and the occasional twisted humour! Oh, and I am still committed to bringing you The Druid's Egg every quarter... :)

“When asked what were the three sweetest things he had ever heard,
Cormac mac Airt, the Irish Solomon, replied,
‘The shout of triumph after victory, praise after wages, and a lady’s invitation to her pillow.”

~~ From The Celtic Book of Days by Caitlin Matthews ~~

Autumn blessings to you all,
In Gaia,

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Past Archdruid of OMS/RDG