A Mithril Druid's Lament (Catharsis)

by Taurnil Elendil

I saw the bright and shining star
You know I’ve seen it there a long long time
It touched my heart right where you are
It seems all right to me, a love so right to me

You made a promise from afar
You know I’ve dreamed of this a long long time
A life of brotherhood like on Mars
It seems all right to me, a dream so right to me

And so we planned a brand new start
We’d live in harmony a long long time
Like all Michaels nest mates are
It seems perfection to me, utopia so right to me

But then you dealt me some new cards
I haven’t seen three swords in a long long time
You crushed my dream just like my heart
It seems a wrongness to me, so very wrong to me

Now when I stare at the night stars
I know my hope might return in a long long time
And I wonder just where you are
And how you could do this to me, this very wrongness to me