Re-connect to Love

by Lady Sayuri

(A dear friend of the Order)

In every layer of emotion
Lies a spark of love
Connected is mankind
To the Universe above
Vibrate your heart strings
Resonate with light
Transform your energies
Let your love shine bright
Manifest on threads of hope
Help heal Mother Earth
From this dire scope
On every layer of emotion
Lies a spark of love
Re-connect and spread your gift
With the Universe above
Watch the tiny ripples
Expand and increase
Negativity and destruction
Will surely cease to exist
Every emotion
Throughout mankind
Lies a spark of love
A love that unbinds
Shackles of illusion
For a peaceful tomorrow
Gone is the darkness and confusion
The strife and the sorrow
Stop the wars and killing
With love and compassion
To a world that is reeling
We must now fashion
From every emotion
Awaken that spark of love
Send on a silvery thread
To the Universe above
Look beyond the differences
And find that common thread
That single spark of love and compassion
Is our only road ahead
Heal thyself
And the World heals