Flower Not Arrow

be a flower, not an arrow
be a sparkled, lavender, diamond-scaled dragon
not a bird

be a song that bursting out
cannot be unescaped.

go in spirals if you are exploring
not the straight-edged line of the drill

you are not a spell
you become one
written not by the mind
but the heart

follow the etchings of the membranes
steal the patterns of the scars
trace your fingers on the crevices
take the vibrations into your own
leap into the gentle abyss

look not forward but around

give yourself space for movement
arch yourself into a circle
fall back, move forward

rapid time
ease into a new line

don't stop

eat harried daisies

come into this world

Tasara stands in a midpoint of her path, ten years of witchcraft and ten years off shamanic study. In the magickal world, she serves as a community organizer, a teacher and a shamanic healer. She also has been a vendor, selling beaded amulets at festivals like Faerieworlds. As a child, Tasara played a game where she waited for the perfect
word to come down, even if it took forever, before continuing to write a poem. You can learn more about her practice at: http://www.northwestceremonies.com and you can peruse her poetry, graphic art and motion graphics at: http://www.jen.candleroot.com