Song of Belonging

©2007 by Sylver Rowan

I am the redwood that is cut and regrows seven fold
I am the ancient stone upon which endless waves crash and spray
I am the Moon's reflection in the deep still lake
I am the Sun's ray upon Summer's sweaty brows
I am the outcast and the exalted
The snake and the mouse
The pilgrim and the shrine
I am the dancing feet and the dust they kick up
I am the standing Heron and the glittering minnow
I am the fox's full coat in winter's frost
I am the light of fireflies on a steamy summer night
I am the poison and the cure
The heart that burns with green fire
The cleansing flow of a mountain stream
The long expanse of endless sky on windswept plains
I am you and you are me
And We are all that IS

Sylver Rowan is a seer, healer, Celtic Shaman, poet, storyteller, artist, Bard, humorist and dreamer. Although he has been draconian in many of his past lives, he is a Satyr in his current incarnation. He and his Sidhe wife -- Willow -- currently live in Arkansas, but are longing for the Redwoods.

Redwood photo above was taken by him.

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