Psychic Energy by Sun Signs & Elements

Psychic energy is all around us. It is the "sixth sense" people have when a loved one is in trouble. It is picking up the phone to call or text a friend, just as they are writing you. Everyone has psychic ability, but not everyone knows how to use it. Astrologically, some signs are more in tune with their intuitive gifts.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius need action. Their psychic ability is often unconscious - they will first do something without thinking. Getting right into the action will "feel" right. By following their heart, a Fire Sign taps their psychic power.

If you are an Aries: Trust your first impulses and you will not go wrong. Aries is all about action, but can have prophetic dreams, often from early childhood. If you choose to focus your considerable energy on the psychic realm, you can become a skillful pioneer of the unseen worlds.

If you are a Leo: You need to shine and can miss or misinterpret psychic messages if you make it "all about me." For Leo to tap into their psychic power they must take a lesson in humility. True intuitive wisdom lies in being both joyful and unselfishly generous. Psychic power comes when you are one with the world.

If you are a Sagittarius: Outgoing Sag has a powerful psychic radar, especially about people they love. If you are thinking about someone, most likely they are thinking about you at the same time, so get in touch! Down-to-earth friends can help you sort out real psychic wisdom from lies.

Earth Signs

Earth signs are as psychic as anyone else, but more likely to deny or doubt their intuitive insights. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn all have a very practical, no-nonsense approach to life. They tend to be "what you see is what you get" people. It is important for them to trust and value their inner voice.

If you are a Taurus: Tap your psychic power when you are calm and relaxed. A garden or country setting can give you all sorts of intuitive insights. More than any other sign, you share a deep bond with the spirits of the Earth well known to Native Americans.

If you are a Virgo: It is vital to surrender worries and stop thinking too much. Virgo's analytical nature tends to clutter up the psychic flow with unnecessary concerns. An attitude of trust goes a long way to opening the door to spiritual wisdom.

If you are a Capricorn: Your tendency is to be "all business" and rely on what you can see with your ordinary senses. If you think psychic wisdom is "airy fairy," you can close the door to knowledge that is as true as what you see and hear. Be open to the possibility there is psychic power.

Air Signs

Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the communicators of the Zodiac. These highly social individuals sometimes forget to listen, and can lose track of their deep wisdom. The more an Air Sign slows down and pays attention, the easier it will be to understand the psychic energy that surrounds them.

If you are a Gemini: Your wonderfully open nature makes you curious and ready to learn new things. You are very likely to have psychic connections with siblings. This is a good place to start developing your psychic talents. You are likely to be quite good at Tarot, but be cautious about using Ouija boards.

If you are a Libra: You are likely more psychic than you realize. Your ability to adapt yourself to please others is closely associated with your natural intuitive wisdom. Psychic messages are most likely to appear when you are in a peaceful and beautiful environment - include candles, flowers, and soft music.

If you are an Aquarius: You have enjoyed your own particular brand of psychic wisdom from a young age. You may not often talk about it, but it is there, and strong, all the same. Meditation, which helps you separate your thoughts from intuitive reality, is a powerful tool for accessing your psychic skills.

Water Signs

Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are most in touch with their feelings. Being a sensitive Water Sign seems to make it easier to trust their own inner wisdom, but on the down side they can get lost in negative emotional reactions.

If you are a Cancer: It may seem, because you can be quite practical, that you are not intuitive. But sensitive Cancer can walk into a room and understand how it feels on a psychic level. You are naturally tuned in to what is happening to your loved ones. Trust those feelings to grow your psychic power.

If you are a Scorpio: You live in a world of psychic phenomena, not all of it positive. The attraction to psychic power is strong and your life lesson is to use this energy constructively. It is important to have a strong spiritual faith or guide to best use your abundant natural talent in this area.

If you are a Pisces: You are the natural psychic of the Zodiac. Like a fish in water, you sense the emotional and energetic currents of your world, and everyone you meet. The big challenge for you is to avoid letting negative or toxic energy overwhelm you. If you guard your heart, you are a natural healer of the highest order.

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