Message from the Editor
& Senior Archdruid

Do you remember what kind of seeds you planted in Spring? Were they seeds of intention, seeds of change and transformation, seeds of compassion for Gaia and her children, seeds of peace, prosperity, healing, abundance, love...?

Did you water them and nurture them during the year, pulling out weeds of discord and fertilizing them with the compost from chaos and drama? Did you thin them out - as you narrowed your focus - so each had more room to grow? Did they mature when you planned, or did Gaia have Her own timing?

As you look over your harvest, is it what you expected, or is it different? Do you feel fulfilled, grateful, satisfied?

Aligning oneself with Nature's cycles is key to manifestation, flow, balance, the rhythm of life...

Let us give thanks to Mother Gaia for Her gifts and lessons, for Her bounty and abundance during this fruitful time...and perhaps share with others whose harvest was not as fruitful as ours...for we are all children of the Earth Mother - cells of Her body - and as we prosper and heal, so does She...

Seasonal blessings,
In Gaia,
Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Senior Archdruid of RDG