Ogham Reading Series - Autumn

Generously contributed by RDG Druid Dyddgu


From summer’s shedding comes a bolt of lightning to electrify the season with new possibilities and intent.


Descending within brings promise of fruitation for the next season.


All that was ever desired will be obtained.

Walking through trials of separation is never easy yet the road is blessed every bit of the way to make room for the new that will arrive, for this is the harvest of this year. In order to arrive upon her shores we must cut away the old, decaying especially the pain and suffering that hides beneath the surface. Traveling within now clears the path of the hedgerow in order to gain clarity and understanding during the process of endings. It unifies belonging and begets self confidence. By walking forth with new understanding, we gain our hearts desire for Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) then we can rest.

Working with Oir in Ogham is like working with Raku in Reiki. In the palms of your hands draw Oir in violet light, feel this power come alive. Visualize what needs to be cut away in your life and let Oir shoot out like a lightning bolt at your target creating the ending if possible on a good note, know that Oir is working on your highest good.

Now draw Fearn (white light) and NgEtal (green light) on both palms of your hands and bring the energy within your body entwining through your spine spiraling up to your higher self, sometimes known as the 8th chakra and let it cascade down into the aura utilizing this energy as both a shield and as knowing love and intention coming into light.