Generously contributed by Robert F. Burke

you are quite the tumbleweed,
setting up roots for a short while,
then moving on when adventure called.

i am not the same as you.
i am more along the lines of a redwood.
it's far more pleasing for me to stay in one place
and watch the seasons change.

i suppose tumbling from place to place gets lonely.
i know being here, seeing the same things day in and day out,
gets boring and a little dreary. i have learned to cope.
it's in my nature to adapt.

do you remember others you've left behind?
i'd love to hear the stories you have locked away.
where is the chest of secrets you harbor?
i bet it's filled with trinkets and memories of past relationships,
and, maybe a little regret.

a tumbleweed you are.
your roots, i am sure, are very short.
it's easier to move on that way.

if only it were the same for me.
i couldn't move even if i wanted.
blasted roots stretch too deep, and spread throughout the forest.
i guess the good thing is i've grown to love my surroundings.

have you found your contentment?
leaving when it gets a little gusty
doesn't nurture the buds you leave behind.
do your roots dry out from the barren topsoil?

one day you should fight your nature.
don't listen to what drives you to travel.
take root and stay awhile.
you may find them growing longer than you think.

why be a tumbleweed,
when you could be like me.
i am stable as a redwood,
for the most part.

i've learned over the years how easy it is to get attached
when you give your surroundings a chance
to grab hold
and love you back.