13 Oaks - A Meditation

Generously contributed by RDG Druid Druwyn

13 Oak trees formed in a ring...used long ago by ancestors unknown. Still functioning today with the never ending cycles of spring growth, the re-oxygenation of the atmosphere in the Summer sun and the Autumn time of letting go for renewal as the leaves fall back to Mother Earth.

Re-discovered once more, this sacred grove of 13 trees...heaven on earth, a blissful place to meditate in spiritual attunement with the earth.

Enter forth.....

Inside the 13-tree oak ring is a central ring of fallen oak logs...please be seated on the log ring...for all is calm.

Blessed be...

As you are seated you close your eyes as your mind drifts far away from the man-made modern chemical world.

You are now back with the rhythm of nature. Hearing only sounds from nature’s world. The birds are singing in harmony...the leaves and branches swaying to and fro with the motion of the wind.

In to your thoughts come peace and the love of the universe as all anger and hatred fade away...fade away into the void.

Embracing this peace with full acceptance you take a deep breath, a little bigger than your usual breathing, as you exhale all life’s negative thoughts evaporate into the atmosphere.

With each new inhalation brings forth-spiritual energy with strengthening of spirit and growth in your soul.

Your mind is with the trees, the trees are with your mind, for they are one, you have connected.

Just the swaying sounds of the trees as they motion to and fro...to and fro. Time is still, pain has gone.

Magnificent fields of understanding unfold in your mind as you are surrounded by the wisdom of the 13-oak tree ring.

The grove has called...you answered, a soulful blessing and a spiritual communion has taken place.

You have two tanks, one completely empty tank, and one full to the brim tank.

In the empty tank were anger, bitterness, hatred, frustration, intolerance, and impatience with all bad things.

In your full tank you have Love, joy, friendship, acceptance, wisdom, peace, and renewed spirit to carry on in a turbulent world.

Your legs feel very relaxed, almost sleepy; this is the flow of the earth’s positive energy into the soles of your feet, like drawing on a well, but this being a spiritual well.

You open your eyes and thank the trees for sharing their ancient wisdom.

Blessed be Mother Earth.

© Druwyn
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