Dalon ap Landu

Generously contributed by RDG Druid Soli

Once, in the fullness of Be’al two forests met. Both were full and green, a sky of emerald above, and a city of browns, and blacks, and grays below.

The forest of Hearne and the forest of Cernunnos grew tall in the fullness of Be’al and the fullness of Gaia, and it was good.

It came to pass that a man walked the land between the forest of Cerrnunnos and the forest of Hearne.

In his mind the forest of Hearne and the forest of Cernunnos contended for the light of the sun, the coolness of the water, the loam of the earth.

Man said to himself, “Why, O Hearne, O Cernunnos, Hunter, Horned One, why do the branches of thy trees sway in the wind, and twist among their leaves,

Why dost the roots of thy trees clutch at the loam amongst each other like gripping fists?

Man pondered this, and as he did so, heard whispering on the wind, as if to draw him deeper into the wood.

At the heart of the wood were Cernunnos and Hearne seated next to each other beside a mighty tree, large enough to seem the prow of a great ship sailing slowly through the grass and the loam.

Before this tree sat Cernunnos, toasting Hearne with a great horn of ale, with bells and flowers and birds in his antlers.

Also there was Herne, with a great horn of ale with leaves, and evergreen branches, and berries in his antlers, laughing and drinking.

Puzzled, Man was struck dumb by this spectacle, too much so even to kneel in their presence.

Seeing this, Hearne and Cernunnos both looked on man and smiled, eyes flashing with mirth, like sunlight dappling a creek in summer.

O man, know thou, that we, like the forests, do not contend with one another. That what thou see’est is as the shaking of hands, as the embrace of two old friends.

Saying this, Cernunnos and Hearne toasted again and embraced.

There was a flash and a great noise, as of the icy waterfall in winter, and the running bucks in the autumn, as the sound of a bear shaking himself in the spring, as of the curtains of rain sweeping a meadow in summertime.

And there before man sat Dalon ap Landu one and whole within himself. He toasted man with a smile, eyes flashing, and said:

“Know thou, that all forests are one forest, safe in the fullness of Be’al, and of Gaia.”

“Go thou, and know Cernunnos and Hearne live in me still, and always. That all forests were, are, and will be one, as long as thou and I should not contend with one another.”