Pagan Blessing

The One Power that moves the Moon
Moves through you.
The Power that lights the Sun
Lights your life.
It is female and It is male,
It is clouds and rain,
It lives in the damp earth,
In root and in bud.
It moves the wind.
It is all life, born and unborn,
On this Plane, and in the next,
Visible and Invisible,
In planet and star.
It is infinite, It blesses and protects,
Heals and creates;
It moves backwards and forwards in Time,
Through all of Space –
In this life, and in myriad others yet to come,
And in the past as well.
This Power is yours,
As It is mine;
It is Goddess, and It is God.
Use It, for the good of all,
And according to the free will of all,
With ease and with joy –
To bless your life.
And so mote it be.

~~ Marion Weinstein ~~
(Positive Magic – Occult Self-Help)