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Mother Grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia
Eureka, CA:

Over the last quarter we've birthed three new protogroves and have overseen another mature from protogrove to full fledged grove (congrats Rabbit in the Moon Grove!). We've seen five new Priests ordained, and many new members join the international expression of Reformed Druidism.

The newest version of The Druid Path course is now available, and our bibliography has been revamped. El is putting together the "Archdruid's Disk" which will contain all of the rituals, all of the lessons, templates for membership certificates, membership cards and master copies of The Druid Path, Reformed Druidism 202 (ARDA), and "Favorite Songs of the Reformed Druids." In short, all of the materials that the MG used to print out and send new members, available on one disk so that ADs of individual Groves can produce those materials for their own members.

The MG has gone Green: All that material mentioned above is now delivered to new solitary members electronically. No more paper, disks, envelopes, jewel cases, ink and postage. Just bytes.

Sadly, due to a lack of committed campers, we had to cancel our annual Gathering in the Redwoods. The cost of travel and expense of attending a weekend retreat has proven too much for the majority of our members in this economy, most of whom, like the majority of Americans, are working class.

All in all, it has been an extremely fruitful and transformative season for the RDG!

And next year in Dryad's Realm!

In Gaia,
Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Senior Archdruid RDG &
Sybok Pendderwydd, Senior Clerk, RDG / Patriarch, OMS

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The Mother Grove is the home of the Senior Archdruid of RDG
and of the Patriarch of the Order of the Mithril Star.

Circle of Stones title

Colorado Springs, CO:
This autumn brings change. Our beloved preceptor Rev. Lloyd Pauli is going into retirement and at the age of 83 we wish him well on his golden voyage towards home. Things have slowed down in the grove tremendously therefore the Season of Harvest is also a season towards slumber.

We wish each and every one of you a wonderful harvest of love and goodness and of course ritual!

Dyddgu /|\

Arch Druid Circle of Stones

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RDG ProtoGrove, Agoura Hills, CA:
Rabbit in the Moon grove presented a hybrid ritual and UU Sunday service on July 31. It was well received by a total of 78 people attending.

We are planning to be at Pagan Pride L A with Raven's Cry Grove, ADF and will celebrate the Fall Equinox with RCG as a Roman rite honoring Pomona, led by Michael and Jonathan of Rabbit in the Moon.

Our activities are listed on Witchvox and the L.A. Pagan Examiner.



AD Michael


Image - new Swansea, Wales, U.K.
We did nothing ourselves for Lughnasadh but joined in with the swansea pagans for a joint ritualdown on the Gower Perninsular. Mabon will not be happening as most of us are away. We have a new member John L Davies also from swansea area.Have managed to get a local farmer to let us use his land in exchange for keeping an eye open for sheep rustlers (yes it does happen). We hope to have samhain on his land. As 2 members of the grove have no pc I am making hard copies of lessons for them. No election this year as am only 3rd in grove lol, have still to see who can be scribe etc.

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Image - new Spokane, WA
For Lughnasadh, we paricipated with the local chapter of CUUPS in a celebration of the day. There was stone tossing (I came in second, beat out by a younger man), bocci, a picnic and lots of fellowship. We did a fun ritual where before food we smudged, did intentions and decorated a "wicker" man (actually made out of sticks with a wicker head). The decorations were bits from our home gardens, flowers, herbs and/or fruits and veges. Then we made straw men and went to eat. The return was done after meal cleanup and comprised of a thoughtful return to the fire area led by one of our local witches. After that, we had a short meditation and then lit the fire. One by one, we consigned our individual straw men to the fire. There was a very reverant silence that naturally fell for about 10 full minutes after that. Then we settled near the fire and had fellowship. Every person that came to the event mentioned what a special time it was and how much they enjoyed it.

For Mabon, we will probably do something similar to Lughnasadh, though the event will be different. Right now, since there are only three of us, we have a tendancy to participate with the larger pagan community (our Lughnasadh celebration was about 20 people).

Right now, however, the three members of our grove are all moving toward 3rd Order ordinations and working up the grove in size. We each have candidates in mind and have elected to do a single candidate method of expansion. Each can bring one person until that person decides to stay or go. Then they can bring another. But before we begin that, we wanted to get to 3rd.

That's the new from Polaris Grove in lovely Eastern Washington!

Wayne Stewart, AD

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Image - new Bullhead City, AZ
The Circle of Flowing Truth Grove unfortunately did not perform any ceremony for Lughnasadh though it’s members attended a local open circle to which they are also members. Currently there are no plans for a Mabon ceremony though if we decide to do one it will be posted to the various other lists and pages for everyone to see. We are currently reaching to other local pagan practitioners testing the waters & attempt to see if there are others interested in Druidry. Also we are working on our group dynamic and requirements for personal elevation as well as those for our grove’s elevation.

mynt- jeffrey / dykarzy, AD /|\

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RDG ProtoGrove, Crossville, TN:
No news this season...

Our online Family
Make a free account with runboard, then apply the link.

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Middleburg, FL:
No news this season...

Till next time,
Penda, Archdruid

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Manzanita title

Anderson, CA:
No news this season...we are on hiatus...


Blessings of Summer,
Tiffiny /|\
ArchDruid, Grove of the Manzanita, RDG

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Nodla title

Although it's not a "Grove", the NoDaL still qualifies as an "autonomous collective" of the Reformed Druids of Gaia, and consists of all the 3rd Order Druids therein. The purpose of the NoDaL is to provide a space for Archdruids of the RDG Groves and Proto-Groves to discuss the many aspects of running a group of Druids, and provide advice and support for each other. They also act as the "legislative" branch of the RDG - creating policy as needed.

In January 2011, the NoDaL voted to make some changes to the degree system used by RDG. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees will henceforth be called "Orders." In regard to members of the 3rd Order, it is henceforth a requirement that members of the 3rd Order participate in the NoDaL debates and votes, which are done in within an internet group.


Philadelphia, PA:
Currently meeting in the lush emerald woods of Fairmount Park in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (commonly know as Philadelphia), Aelvenstar Grove honors Mother Earth. The grove was formally founded Beltaine, 2004 and is a proto grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star and the Reformed Druids Of North America. In addition, we are associated with other pagan organizations such as Per NTR Sesen and Temple Harakhte.

Looking to our ancestors and the ancients, Aelvenstar Druids respect all life and receive inspiration from Nature and the heavens. We believe it is the natural state of Mankind to live in harmony with Nature. and that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. As activists, it is our responsibility to do our part collectively and individually to heal the environment.

Emphasizing development through the practice of Druidcraft, focus is placed upon personal growth through the development of body, mind, and spirit. Through study, discussions, rituals, retreats, fellowship, and meditation, a spiritual framework is provided through which Druids may further develop themselves.

Aelvenstar Grove holds eight celebrations a year, on the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter festivals. We sometimes meet on other occasions for outings and initiations. Online meetings and initiations are held too, as some members live a distance away.

We welcome new members of all backgrounds who love nature and seek spirituality permeated in the divine beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Nature is groovy!

Courses available: Reformed Druidism 101


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Uffington white horse
white horse title

Live Oak , FL:
Greetings! White Horse ProtoGrove is sorta in idle mode at the moment.............I am back at college working on my LPN & doing pre-requisites for my RN at the moment & have been very busy........

Ann Feather

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Roots Rocks and Stars
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Albany, OR:
Roots Rocks and Stars currently consists of three humans and two canine companions. We people are all college students, one in natural resources, one in Literature, and one in history. We live together in a small apartment in Corvallis Oregon's north end. We are all ethnically descended from British Isle and French folks (some Native Canadian/American ancestry as well) and this colors our rituals. We are primarily dedicated to Cernunnos, Epona, Brigid, and Cerridwen but actually tend toward an abiding devotion to nature and spirit without too much investment in names and images. Our rituals tend to involve home-cooking and plenty of beer.

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