1 Geimredh 42 -- Samhain / Calen Gaeaf 2003 -- Vol. 2 No. 1


A new year means new beginnings, and we've already made many changes in anticipation of the new year of the reform.

We've completely overhauled the website, adding new features such as a
whole new section devoted to the Coastal Redwood, and a new calendar is under construction to help you keep track of those pesty Druish dates, such as today:

1 Geimredh YR 42, which is also, 1 MÌ na Samhna YR 42. It is also the Welsh day of the week, Dydd Sadwyrn, and to us in OMS, it is the day of Sequoia, our most sacred tree.

The new calendar should help you not only to learn this system of dating, but also keep track of it all.


We will begin sending out member's kits beginning in November. The kits will be sent out to all new paid members and will consist of:

--A membership card with expiration date (your dues "due" date).
--A membership certificate suitable for framing
--A VHS recording of the documentary "Tree Sit: The Art of Resistance," which documents Earth First!'s on going campaign to save the Redwoods in Northern California.


Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear was ordained Arch-Druid of the Mother Grove on the Full Moon, 42 Foghamhnar YR 41 (August 11, 2003). Ceridwen is the wife of the former Arch-Druid and OMS founder, Sybok Pendderwydd.

She also teaches the online Astrology for Pagans class (see http://www.hunters-moon.org ) and makes her living as a
professional astrologer.


Thou Are God/dess!

The Mother Grove invites and encourages all of you to join us in a
meditation/visualization ceremony which will take advantage of all the
powerful energies that will be present on the Lunar Eclipse of Saturday, Nov. 8.

We will begin the ceremony at the peak time of the Eclipse, which will
be at 5:15pm Pacific Standard Time, (so that would be 6:15pm Mountain
Standard time, 7:15pm Central Standard Time, and 8:15pm Eastern
Standard Time - and for those of you elsewhere on the planet, please
figure out when it will be for where you are).

We plan to spend at least an hour formally - and possible most of the
night personally - tuning in to the global community and celestial
energies, as this will be so much more powerful than the typical Full
Moon or Lunar Eclipse. You might want to refer back to the article
that was recently posted in here about the astrological and astronomical phenomena happening at that time.

Things to visualize and project:

1. Initially, feel the connection with the "web of light" from other spiritual seekers, Druids, pagans, etc. as we pool our energies together to create a vast and powerfully vibrant energy grid for the good of the Earth Mother to use as she sees fit.

2. See our energies meeting and blending into a cool, healing green
energy that will spread across the planet, cooling the global warming
phenomena (especially the polar ice caps and glaciers of the world's
mountains), healing and nurturing the endangered ecosystems,
protecting and preserving the wild animals and the trees and forests
of the planet (with special emphasis on the redwoods and other
endangered rain forests and species of special trees in your area). Do
this until this green energy covers and permeates the entire planet
and all who live upon Her.

3. Next project the calmness and groundedness of the green energies to
remind those in political power that we are a human family, and that
they need to need to wake up, see the "larger picture" perspective and
get back to the basics of mutual respect and unselfishness so that we
as a species can become further evolved and enlightened - and that we
need to live in the "eternal now" and take responsibility for our actions and thoughts.

(Yes, I know this sounds very "idealistic", but isn't magik about visualizing the "best possible outcome" in the midst of chaos and imbalance?)

4. Visualize MithrilStar groves popping up all over the planet, made up of Druids who have gained awareness, empowerment, and a desire to give of themselves to make a better world for all of us - choosing their own causes toward this end - on whatever level they feel their power is the strongest and most inspired.

5. For those who wish to remain solitary in their spiritual workings, you can still meditate and visualize and put energy toward aiding the Earth Mother and all Her creatures - She needs all of us now, offering to Her whatever energy we can give to Her. You can also share energy with other OMS Druids on a psychic level to further our common goals and workings.

6. And those in need of personal healing for themselves and/or loved ones can channel some of this energy for this as well - because the healthier and more balanced we are, the more we will have to give in the long run. A recharged "battery" will do more and last much longer than one that is drained and weak - so by all means, heal thyself! :)

7. And lastly, use this time as a turning point in your lives, planting the seeds for inner transformation that will be mirrored in outer transformation, for "As within, so without". And with the celestial phenomena, "As above, so below". The Earth Mother is going through Her own transformation as well, and as we live in Her aura, we need to be like conductors (like acupuncture needles or standing stones) to collect these energies and channel them into Her so that as She heals, so do we, and so that as we evolve and grow, so does She. This is a truly symbiotic relationship we have with Her, and we need to play our part in that process as unselfishly as She does...

So please, mark your calendars, clear your schedules for an hour, and
join us - any time that night would be good, but close to the peak time would be ideal... :)

Oct 10 2003

Thou Art God/dess,

As we have seen recently in this group, there are several differing
viewpoints and issues regarding the sharing of water, as well as changes (and/or proposed changes) within the Order as a whole. I'd like to address and hopefully clarify these issues here…

Let me begin by saying that our "dis-Order" will always grow and evolve – even as each of its members grow and evolve. We are not a stagnant entity, and very little about the Order is "carved in stone." There will always be room for growth and renewal and evolvement.

That said, let's go over some points:

1. If you agree to the three tenets ("Nature is groovy", Nature is groovy", and "Thou Art God/dess"), take the pledge, and pay dues (former members have until next Midsummer to comply to the dues-paying), you are considered an OMS Druid. Period. No degrees – just an OMS Druid. THIS IS NOT LIKELY TO EVER CHANGE – in other words, this is the only aspect that is carved in stone.

2. Here is where we begin to touch on some changes, mostly involving
water-sharing and ordinations. After reading all the posts concerning
this, and discussions with the MG, we've come up with a list of all the different options/levels, which will be divided into two camps: "degree-oriented" and "non-degree-oriented":

a. Members-at-large: those OMS Druids who never share water, or who
only share water with their own nest or significant other(s) – IOW, the 3rd, or "Nest/Family" level. These members would have NO "official degree status" within the Order.

b. "Degreed" Members: Those OMS Druids who follow all the requirements (which have actually been in effect for the past TWO YEARS,
btw) for the different degrees, quoted here:


c. "Non-Degreed" Water-sharing Members: Those OMS Druids who share water on any of three different levels within the Order, which are as follows:

TRIBE Level: OMS Druids who would willingly share water with other
members of the Order, either at a public gathering or an online ritual or gathering.

CLAN Level: OMS Druids who would also share water with members of a
Grove of their making or choosing, as well as with the Tribe.

NEST/FAMILY Level: OMS Druids who would also share water with members of their own polyfidelitous "Nest", as well as with the Clan and Tribe.

(NOTE: Each of these three levels implies a progressively more intimate level of commitment)

These three levels will be added to Lesson 11 in future D101 classes to provide choices for those who are not ready to only operate from the 3rd, or "Nest" level, but who would like to take smaller steps toward intimacy and commitment to others.

Now, a note to those of you who are of the "Olde OMS school": The addition of the progressive levels of water-sharing does not in any way effect or "water down" the higher level of commitment you all go by. As we are not all operating from the same spiritual levels, I feel that these choices will more effectively offer all of us a way to commit to this group and each other from whatever level we are most comfortable.

IOW, it will allow all of us to "walk our talk" and express our own divinity at whatever level we feel ready. It is a way of "honouring" where each of us is coming from, and not imposing unrealistic expectations where they are not appropriate or welcome.

Blessings and full chalices to you all,

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Arch Druid of the Mother Grove
Order of the Mithril Star


Regarding degrees and ordination:

Some of you have received "clergy ordination" from the Universal Life
Church. This is yours, and not the same as the OMS degree system

Although many of you have "technically" fulfilled the basic requirements for each of the first few degrees, these won't be fully complete until you have received and shared the consecrated waters from a 3rd degree Druid.

We are looking into making that as easy as possible. One idea is to open the Chat Room at various times (like Full Moons or around Holidays) and doing an online consecration of the waters and OMS ordinations at that time.

You would hold your chalice of water near your computer, and we would
do an online blessing and consecration of your water...then you would
share it at either the Tribe, Clan or Nest level with whomever you feel comfortable doing so - or you can just share with myself and/or Sybok, which would count as well. (This seemed easier than sending consecrated waters through the mail).

Once your waters are consecrated and shared, we would do the online
ordinations for each of the levels of the participants. Then you would be considered fully ordained at that level in the Order.

That seems to be the quickest and easiest way to fulfill the water-sharing requirement for each of the degrees. However, we are open to hearing other ideas about ways to do this... :)

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Arch Druid of the Mother Grove
Order of the Mithril Star

Sept. 4, 2003

TAG All,

Well, it's official: as of tonight we are now a schism (or satellite) group of the Reform. This decision was not made lightly, but with much deliberation and divination and soul-searching by myself and the MG, taking all recent factors into account. What this means:

1. We have remodeled the OMS website to reflect our new direction - it
actually resembles the pre-RDNA state, with a few exceptions, and some
dressing up. We have taken nearly all mention of RDNA out, except for a couple places where it is appropriate. We will also be adding a "dedication" page that will list ALL of our sources of inspiration -
hopefully in the next week or so. This is a work-in-progress, and by no means finished...

2. We are now an independent entity, yet still consider ourselves a part of the Reform and the American Druid Family - it's like we moved out of the house, but we are still in the neighborhood...

3. We realized that any closer relationship (as we were originally planning) is now a fruitless endeavor, as there are irreconcilable differences between ourselves and the very outspoken schism of the "N"-RDNA...and we are not really sure exactly what the "silent majority" actually feels, so...

4. Although the group entity of OMS has done this, this does not mean
that as individuals we can't still remain connected with the friends we have made in the RDNA. There are some really nice people in there that some of us would like to stay in touch with...

5. Those of you who choose to leave all this behind are free to leave the RDNAtalk group and those who wish to remain there may do so - that
decision is up to you as individuals - there is no more group requirement of any kind for you to be involved therein.

6. As we have been told many times by the Reform, we are perfectly
capable of standing on our own as an independent entity, and I think we will all come out of this stronger and more grounded than before.

7. Any questions or comments are certainly welcome... :)

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Arch Druid of the Mother Grove
Order of the Mithril Star


As of today we have 123 members, of which, 55 are considered "active."
96 members are eligible for ordination into the First Degree.
2 members are ordained First Degree Druids.
18 members are eligible for ordination into the Second Degree
4 members are eligible for ordination into the Third Degree
0 members are eligible for ordination into the Fourth Degree
1 member is an ordained Fifth Degree Druid
0 members are eligible for ordination into the Sixth Degree
2 members are ordained Seventh Degree Druids

During YR 41:
345 students took the Druidcraft 101 class
15 graduated and became members

10 members resigned:
7 during the season of Geimredh
2 during the season of Samradh
1 during the season of Foghamhnar

1 member passed to the Summerlands during the season of Geimredh

During YR 41, the Order experienced a net Membership gain of 4

Proto-groves are forming in Central New York state; Talent, Oregon;
Salem, Oregon and Humboldt County, California


The Samhain session of Druidcraft 101 is well under way, this time with 77
seekers (so far -- enrollment is open until Nov. 7th). Three new members
have already joined the Order from this group, and we haven't even sent out the first lesson yet. Lady Heart is teaching this session.

This is the first of the "share ware" sessions of D101, where students are
being asked to contribute $100 to the Order if they feel they have benefited
from the class.

The Midsummer session ended in October with 21 surviving. Of those, seven joined the Order and three are still thinking about it.

The next online Druidcraft 101 class begins March 21st, 2004. To enroll, send a blank email to druidcraft101-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or enroll online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/druidcraft101 For more details,
visit http://www.mithrilstar.org/d101.htm


Druidcraft 202 (A Walk Through the ARDA) has been discontinued due to gross lack of interest. You can still take the course as a self study. The files necessary will be uploaded in a few weeks to the Mithril Star News files section.


Ceridwen currently has two intermediate sessions going, and has just started a new beginning session on November 1st.

If you are interested, you have until the doors close on November 7th to enroll in the latest beginning session .

To enroll, send a blank email to:
or subscribe on the web at:

If you are interested in a private consultation about your Astrological
chart, please visit her home page at: http://www.hunters-moon.org

The Mother Grove wishes all of you a most blessed New Year, and a very joyous Yule - and abundant blessings throughout the season!

May you never thirst,

Arch-Druid Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Managing Editor
Sybok Pendderwydd, Clerk
Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng Y Bydoedd Grove, OMS


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WANT TO DONATE TO THE ORDER? http://www.mithrilstar.org/donate.htm

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