1 Geimredh 44 - Samhain 2005 - Vol.4 No. 1

This is now. Now is. Don't postpone till then.
Spend the spark of iron on stone. Sit at the head of the table;
dip your spoon in the bowl. Seat yourself next to your joy
and have your awakened soul pour wine.
~ Rumi ~

Autumn of our Lives

And in the Autumn of our lives...
A secret place to share...
Wisefolk gather from all around
with sacred herbs and prayer...

A quiet, serene, virgin space...
Of knowledge, healing and love...
Where we grow in oneness with ourself
So below... as above...

Join us at the cauldron...
It simmers, breathing warmth...
gather your herbs, share your knowledge
dance, untamed beside the fire...
Share with us your hearts desire...

~ By Lilye ~

by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear

With this holiday, we begin our 3rd year of publishing this newsletter! Our first issue was Samhain of 2003, and - since this would therefore be the 3rd Samhain issue - I feel it is no longer necessary to "describe" this holiday (or any other, for that matter). Besides, everyone who has been reading this newsletter regularly should be quite familiar with them by now!

Therefore, we shall concentrate on content that reflects the "spirit" of each holiday - and with that in mind, this issue will have an abundance of material dealing with the prevalent energies of the Season of Darkness: Lots of inspired poetry, divination, and articles dealing with death, transformation and rebirth...

The transition from Autumn into Winter is my very favourite time of year - always has been. Like my sweet hubby, I too am following an inner guidance to turn inward during the dark season, to contemplate what I've learned from the passing year, and to ask for guidance from the Crone as to the next step on my spiritual path...

I always do a Tarot reading to get a look at the energies surrounding the new year and what my role will be. I generally use a 13-card spread: The 12 Astrological houses with a 13th card in the middle - face down. This card either shows a hidden influence or sums up all the other cards. This spread is great for the "general feel" of the year.

The Awen always flows more strongly during this quiet season, and I tend to "wax poetic" - most writings are kept in my private journal unless I feel particularly moved to share one publicly.

May we all realize what an inspiring time of year this is, and find ever more creative ways of exploring the Otherworldly Realms...


Stand still. The trees ahead and
bushes beside you
Are not lost. Wherever you are
is called Here,
And you must treat it as a
powerful stranger,
Must ask permission to know it
and be known.
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
I have made this place around you,
If you leave it you may come
back again, saying Here.
No two trees are the same to Raven.
No two branches are the same to Wren.
If what a tree or a bush does
is lost on you,
You are surely lost. Stand still.
The forest knows
Where you are.
You must let it find you.

~ David Wagoner ~

Bardic Writings From OMS Members

(The following writings by Sezo, Derfel and Artic were generously submitted to us for the
purpose of sharing their talents and inspirations with the readers of this newsletter)

The OMS Tarot Spread
By Sezo

You didn’t think I could write about Samhain and divination without mentioning Tarot?! Here is a spread that I have designed about the Order of the Mithril Star. This is a spread to do as you focus on your role with the OMS and its role in your spiritual development.

Cards 1 and 2 are placed as the 2 tree trunks of the OMS symbol

Card 1 represents what you think and/or feel about OMS

Card 2 represents how you feel about your Godhood

The next cards are placed around the points of the septacle

Card 3 represents how OMS helps you on your spiritual path

Card 4 represents how YOU can help OMS

Card 5 represents what hinders your spiritual development

Card 6 represents what helps your spiritual development

Card 7 represents what 'dead wood' must be removed so you and your role in OMS can grow and flourish

Card 8 represents what new seeds you can plant and cultivate in the coming year

Card 9 represents what you really need to focus on to move on to the next degree

Card 10 is then placed in the centre of the star, between cards 1 and 2, and represents the your potential future of your spiritual development and your relationship with OMS

To illustrate the use of this spread, I've done a reading, which I am going to share with you, using the DruidCraft Tarot

Card 1 represents what you think and/or feel about OMS - 7 of cups.
The man sleeps, and sees his dreams reflected into the pool before him. It seems as though part of his dream becomes real, for the 7th cup stands solid and brimming with water next to him. I feel here this represents how a lot of my personal thoughts and feelings on Druidry are made real with the Order. My thoughts on family and tribe are very important, and OMS is a community based on Waterbrothers! I only hope one day OMS can make all my dreams come true hehe.

Card 2 represents how you feel about your Godhood - Princess of Cups.
A young woman stands tall on a riverbank holding a cup full of water. She feels the energies of the water and her environment as the golden leaves fall from the trees in the wind. My Godhood is something I am aware of, and working with on a spiritual and creative level, rather than just thinking and theorising on it. It’s something tangible that I can develop a solid relationship with by experiencing it. It’s not something to be taken lightly – it should be held with the honour and care it deserves.

Card 3 represents how OMS helps you on your spiritual path - Queen of Swords.
A gray-haired woman sits on her throne. Her profile is very austere and deep in thought as she holds and inspects her sword. She is looking at the facts, sorting the good from the bad in an objective manner. I feel here that the card is reflecting how OMS helps me look at the bigger picture. There are some political slants that I might not fully enjoy or see as part of my spiritual development, but there is a place and time for it. It makes me aware of my commitments and the 'big picture' that is the health and wealth of Gaia - environmentalism and conservationism makes us Druids that do, rather than Druids that just drink and smoke too much!

Card 4 represents how YOU can help OMS - 4 of Swords.
A man sits before a tree. He is deep in thought, with his chin in his hands and legs crossed. Across his lap there is a sword that he is ready and willing to use, and he is thinking of the dead weight and how to cut it. The other 3 swords form the sacred symbol of the Awen. I can help OMS by doing all this thinking that I do lol. From thinking and pondering I can become inspired and hopefully inspire others. For example, this tarot spread was an idea for me, to push my thoughts and creativity, but here it is a tool for everyone to use and benefit from!

Card 5 represents what hinders your spiritual development - 5 of Swords.
A middle-aged man stands tall and proud in the foreground. He holds 3 swords with 2 swords under his foot. In the background a younger man walks away, his head hanging in shame, for the experience and cunning of the victor outweighs the foolish behaviour of the young one. I feel here this could represent a breakdown of communication, which often leads to more upsets and getting into unnecessary arguments that hurt you more than anyone else. Perhaps this may be reflecting what has been happening between OMS and RDNA? In the end no one really wins from these things, but we must rise above the pettiness of it and find strength in our truth.

Card 6 represents what helps your spiritual development - The Empress.
A heavily pregnant woman sits on her simple but elegant throne. With one foot on the grass and another in the waters she is connected to the earth, and so shares in its harvest and abundance. The Earth shines with the glow that is remarkably similar to the pregnancy glow on her face. What a card for helping your spiritual development! Explore all the gifts that you have and bring them to the fore. Don't be afraid to be creative and share it with others; don't be afraid to help others learn about Tarot, or even your style of Druidry to others. Treat those around you with love and understanding and you will reap the rewards of your kind and generous actions.

Card 7 represents what 'dead wood' must be removed so you and your role in OMS can grow and flourish - Ten of Swords.
A warrior lies flat on the battlefield. His life has been taken on the battlefield, with 10 swords through his back. In the background though, the new dawn creeps between the valleys, and heralds a new day and a new phase. There is a perspective that is holding me back from my relationship with OMS flourishing – it is old, outdated and counter-productive. However the new dawn means that when these thoughts are gone, the spirit of OMS and myself can work together and weave our energies to bring a brighter dawn.

Card 8 represents what new seeds you can plant and cultivate in the coming year - 8 of wands.
A young man stands on a cliff edge with 7 spears or staffs next to him. He has already thrown one, using his strength and technique to throw each one further than the other. Once the old and outdated thoughts are gone, it seems that a new exciting and fast-moving energy will be coming up. New energies and enthusiasm for my path, but also the daring to do things and further challenge myself and my spirituality – to take things onto the next level.

Card 9 represents what you really need to focus on to move on to the next degree - The Wheel.
This card is otherwise known as the Wheel of Fortune. Here a woman has found a small secluded spot on the beach, and is setting up a ritual. She is using her power and her skills in casting the circle into the sand. In Paganism we learn that our futures are tangible and changeable. I feel here the Wheel is saying that I have the power, the skill and courage to take control of my future, and I can work steadily with power skill and accuracy, so that I can move on to 3rd degree whenever I wish. I can be a proud and independent woman, experiencing my path as I want to. I feel that control and command of the Waters of Life (in many forms) is necessary before stepping into the power of the Otherworld, which Dalon ap Landu represents (for me).

Card 10 represents the potential future of your spiritual development and your relationship with OMS - nine of pentacles.
A woman stands before a small wall, into which the 9 pentacles are carved. She stands tall and proud in her white dress. Her hawk sits calmly on one hand, as the other touches one of her many trees. Here I feel that OMS will help me feel more confident and secure with my spirituality. It will be my home, the place where I can be myself around my Waterkin. Together we will reap the rewards for all the hard work we've put into this and create a fabulous base to then explore deeper and further than before.

Overall, I think I may have been underestimating the influence that I have over OMS. Its not just an Order that is based in the US, its a living breathing thing, and I carry and help create the spirit of OMS. A feeling of co-operation and balance seems to be here, plus the more work I put into my spirituality and into OMS, then the more I am going to get out of it: A deeper connection with my Waterkin, but to let the wise folk teach me more about myself. Together as a community we can really help each other, and I am starting to believe that I have a lot to offer OMS and everyone else, as much as they have to offer me.

This is a very rewarding spread to do, so if you have the time this holiday season, take 5 to evaluate where you are and where you are going, personally and as part of OMS.

by Sezo

With the veil at its thinnest over Samhain, many of us will be thinking about divination. For me Samhain night is the most important night of the year as a Tarot reader and general divination diva because readings have a tone – a sense of purpose that they may not have for the rest of the year. It's also a very important time to remember what unifies us as human beings, looking at those universal tools that by pass cultures, gender and ages, and one of those things for me is scrying.

Scrying is a term that is really confusing because a lot of people use it incorrectly. Scrying is the art of seeing something in a reflective tool - water, mirrors, crystal balls, fire (even if it’s as small as candle flame), and wax.

Scrying is not dowsing! Dowsing with rods or pendulums brings you 'yes/no /maybe' answers – you are not receiving visions or a symbolic conversation with your Higher Self. The TV show Charmed has caused a lot of confusion as they apparently 'scry' for evil on a map, but to be more precise it is actually dowsing.

So what can you scry with? It’s recorded that the ancient Persians used crystal balls; the ancient Greeks would use a clear mirror. Tribes of South America used highly polished black stone. There are sources that suggest the same practices in Ancient Egypt as well.

The crystal ball is the cliché, and is the most widely used method of scrying. Some people prefer to use a completely clear quartz ball - but those are very expensive and it’s not very ecological (I feel) to mine the Earth Mother for something unnecessary. Others prefer a small ball that fits into the palm of their hand, with inclusions or little bubbles inside – be it clear quartz, obsidian, rose quartz whatever. The inclusions give the eyes something to focus on and shut the rational mind down.

The Magick Mirror is a popular method as well. Usually this is a black mirror, but it’s some black glass or glass that has been painted black on one side, and you can set it up in a photo frame that you like. You gaze into your reflection in the mirror, often staring into your eyes, and as you unfocus your eyes, slowly you may see a completely different face in front of you! It’s therefore no surprise that to contact guides or past lives, mirror scrying is the most popular and easiest method to use.

Water scrying happens usually in a dark bowl. Gazing into the depths of the water you may see visions. Or a popular method is to drop a few drops of black ink into a bowl of water and see what images you see in the ink. However, for me, I don't class this as scrying because you aren't seeing visions, you are interpreting shapes like you would in tealeaf or cloud readings. Seeing symbols isn't the same as having visions in my opinion. However if it works for you then that’s all that matters.

How exactly do you start to scry? By gazing into something, you are focusing your mind and hopefully shutting down the rational mind. If you aren't good at meditation, you will need to work on this to become a good scryer, because in both you are shutting down the rational mind and all those thoughts about the cat/dog/shopping/TV that you can hear in the background, etc.

With your eyes open you let the left side of the brain open up and project into the tool. However, with regular scrying practice these things should develop over time. Once you are into the right state of mind – calm, relaxed and focused – you may start to see things. Again, this is rather dependent on your visualisation abilities. You may just see an outline when you start to scry, but after a month or two of regular practice you might start to see details, so you get the most out of your scrying time.

Now that you have your bowl of water, mirror or crystal ball, then what? It is most important that you are protected! I really can't emphasize how important it is to be seated in a protective ball/sphere of light, or even better would be to open a ritual, calling the quarters and deities to protect you and keep you safe. You may also ask them that your scrying will help answer a certain question, or that you will see all that is necessary for you to see. When scrying, you are slightly venerable by negative entities because you are in direct communication with your Higher Self, and they would love to attach themselves to your energies.

Protection is 100% necessary, and even some form of smudging or cleansing afterwards to be doubly sure that nothing has got through your barriers. You aren't putting up shields, because that means you will get little if nothing from the session – just a protective barrier.

A little candlelight is all you may need, so one candle slightly out of sight but enough so you can see into the tool will be necessary. Then you will start to focus and concentrate into your tool. Don't feel it is a staring contest! Just relax your eyes, softly focused so you can see without making yourself uncomfortable. Soon you may see the tool go misty! And it’s often at this point in your first couple of goes that you may be so surprised that you lose your focus and jump back into your own skin.

Once you know you can get into the right state of mind it’s just a case of building up on that experience. Some scryers however only see mists of different colours and that is fine! Colours tell us a lot about what we need to know or focus on. However the mists might clear and you will start to see your first visions. They may seem really weird and abstract, and some might seem terrifying. To first see skulls or old men or dogs is fairly common because it’s a symbol of connecting with the Otherworld and your unconscious. You may then see other wondrous things.

After a while you may run out of symbols, or you will lose your concentration. Don't fret – it’s just your Higher Self saying you've seen all you need to see at this point. Sit back and quickly run through all that you've seen.

As you scry more you may find that you get the feelings of these visions, or audio as well as visual. It may feel though you are falling into the vision. That is perfectly fine, but make sure that you centre and ground yourself, and maybe cleanse yourself after a scrying session.

Recording your sessions. Again this is always up to you. Some people find it easier to have a tape recorder next to them whilst they scry, so they just speak what they are seeing. Others like to be completely focused on the visions and afterwards take 5 minutes to recall everything before writing it down. This is like dream journaling almost, and in writing it down you may get insights of interpretation into your sessions.

Sometimes they may take a few days for you to process, and sometimes, like dreams, they may seem very bizarre and make no sense at all lol. If that is the case you may want to ask your spirit guides about them or perhaps draw the odd Tarot card or two to give you a few pointers about what that session could be relating to.

Scrying is a very effective technique, one that brings a lot of rewards of meditation and visualisation. It also brings you into deeper contact with your Higher Self and your guides, if that is what you wish.

If you get scared the first few times you scry, that’s perfectly normal! Sitting in the dark with a crystal ball brings to mind moments in dodgy horror films. The first time I did a ritual I felt scared, slightly worried about what was happening, so it’s to be expected. Once you've done it a few times and feel confident in what you are doing, you will no longer feel scared and might even look forward to scrying!

I hope this has at least given you more food for thought on scrying. I love scrying and would highly recommend it to anyone. For me it goes back to the core of what divination is – talking and working with your Higher Self for the greater good of yourself or others around you, and to stretch your empathic and psychic abilities. From my experience there are only gains from scrying sessions, but as always, it’s what’s right for you. Blessed Samhain!

Sezo’s Drum Ritual

Now that we are in the dark months, we start to greet the darkness, and are even eager to explore it. One of the time-old ways of exploring the darkness, to look into the Otherworld, is with a drum. The drum rhythms can help us fall into a trance state to help us fall into the Otherworld. There we can communicate with the Spiritworld, the ancestors, spirit guides animal guides and totems.

As well as taking us into these places, the drum can bring us out; call us back into the physical world with its deep resonance or playful jigs and reels. The drum can help us with healing, banishing, invoking – in fact every part of ritual and Druidical practice can be shared and made unique with the heartbeat of the Earth pounding through and working with us.

Also, the drum is a wonderful tool at this time of year. During our festivals of light, be it Halloween where we celebrate our inner light and child as well as the darkness, but also through till Yule when we are getting together and making merry. The drum brings us together as one – reminds us that we all share a heartbeat with the Earth even as she slumbers.

The Drum Circle is extremely sacred. For a group of people to talk we have to take it in times to talk (especially in Talking Stick rounds, this time is sacred!) but there is nothing like a drum circle where we can all talk and weave our energies together!

So as we think about our darker selves and self-exploration, to connect with our ancestors, let us do this with the time-old and sacred drum! Universally used and honoured throughout time, culture and space, which is a rare thing with humanity!

This is a ritual to consecrate your new drum, or to even reconsecrate it. I feel that drums are holy items, and are as important to us as ritual knifes, crane bags, etc. in druidry and paganism.

This ritual is what I have written for my bodhran, and so contains some elements that are only applicable to the history and essence of it. Feel free to change and adapt this ritual for your drums and to connect with its history and culture.

Open ritual as usual, making sure you have necessary things, i.e., something for each element to cleanse and bless it with and maybe something to decorate it with like beads, feathers, ribbons etc. A nice drink also helps to honour the energies, so mead, your favourite beer or wine would be more appropriate I feel rather than water or fruit juice but as always its up to you and your feelings on the ritual. Also, find a place to do this where you won’t disturb too many people with some loud noise!

I open this ritual to make this bodhran, this 'deafener', to not just be a bodhran, but mine. To be a tool and a great extension of myself. May its sound bring to me the songs and cries of my ancestors who danced with glee to its sounds, or stepped together on the battlefield. Its origins are lost to us because the ancestors sat long into the night dazed by its beauty and its voice, or just damn tired after dancing the night away. Noting its origin was not as important as playing it and being part of it. Be it from the fields, or from far away lands - the drum is a universal tool from Great Spirit and with it I can join, weave and connect with the Web of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Present the drum to the 4 quarters.

Turn to the East

Spirits of East, of Air. I call you to carry the beats of this drum to where they are needed, that it will always resonate with others of the Circle, but may its tender voice be always heard and distinct. May its song clear out the cobwebs of my mind and spirit, and lift my spirit high. Cleanse, empower and consecrate my drum. (Move through some incense smoke)

Turn to the South

Spirits of South, of Fire. I call you to make my drum always encourage the Sacred Dance. Let the drum feed the fires and passions of my heart, of what I need to experience with courage and vitality. With each beat of the drum may I feel proud to be alive and feel the warmth of my warrior ancestors stepping into battle. Cleanse, consecrate and empower my drum (Move over a flame)

Turn to the West

Spirits of West, of Water. I call you to help my drum always glide into the beat of the music, into the rhythm of my heart and the songs of my ancestors. The slightest of taps to the loudest of bangs, may it always stir my heart and that loving my drum highlights my love of the Earth and equals within the Circle. Cleanse, consecrate and empower my drum. (A few droplets of water on the inside of the drum, or sprinkle a few droplets over it)

Turn to the North

Spirits of North, of Earth. I call you so that I will also beat out your rhythms, may I feel the heartbeat of the earth deep within my soul and the pounding of my feet, and that I beat it in truth, bringing the subtle energies of Earth to the fore. Let this drum be a strong, sturdy and faithful companion in all aspects of my path. Cleanse, consecrate and empower my drum. (Sprinkle a little salt over it)

I call a toast and offer the Waters of Life! Here I give thanks to those who gave their life and essence in the making of this drum.

Praise be to the drum-maker, using the best of his skill, care and attention into making this drum. Love, honour and respect to fall over him and his family - for he has selected the greatest skin and wood. (Make a small libation to the Earth)

I offer my thanks to the goat that gave its physical life for this drum. May every time I beat upon the skin be an adequate thank you for what you have given and what we will make together. (Make another small libation to the Earth)

To the tree who gave its wood to the drum-maker, every time the sound resonates through the frame may it be an adequate thank you. (Make a small libation to the Earth)

In using, treating and caring for my drum I honour your energies and thank you for what together you offer me. (Finish the drink)

Sky Father, the greatest Bodhranii of all, I welcome the Dagda into this ritual to cleanse consecrate and empower this drum. This is the drum of my ancestors as they beat the way into battle and beat their way into the Cosmos. With the Cauldron as your faithful drum, and your Club as your sacred tipper to give us your reels and jigs of thunder, bless my drum. Together our hearts beat as one.

Earth Mother, the muse and goddess of inspiration, I welcome Bridgit into this ritual to cleanse, consecrate and empower my drum. Let the fire in my head and my heart pour onto the drum. Let the tipper be your hammer, let the drum be your anvil and together we can forge a future whole and true. Every sound, like the pulsing of our hearts, be pure and so together let our hearts beat as one.

Sacred drum, sound of Earth, Sea and Sky, be filled with Divine Love. Be true to me. Join me in our sacred and time-old relationship, and offer me your name.

Enter into a period of drumming, thinking of all the things said above, of the elements, Earth Mother and Sky Father. More importantly listen to what your drum wants to say, what it wants to play from deep within your gut (rather than, say, your heart). During this time you may want to sing along with it (preferably a tune that needs to come out, a song for the moment rather than a prewritten one), speak an off-the-cuff poem, chant a few awens, etc., and work together.

It may offer you its name or what its personality is (male/female, bright, bubbly and fast, or maybe more subtle and booming.) Spend time doing this and let that inner child relish in making noise!

Spend some time playing with the beater and then playing with your hands. Get a really good feel of it and of all the different noises, pitches and rhythms at the time. Raise some energy to work your energies together; as you drum you may feel a braiding of energies. Weave your energies with the drum, the Divine, the elements, the ancestors or anyone and anything else that feels appropriate.

Together we are now as friends and companions in this world and the other. We are honour bound through blood, sweat and tears of sadness and joy. Let us learn our lessons together, as we beat out our battle cries, as we weave and tie together the melodies and pace in song, dance and Circle and as we stomp together in our spiritual path between the worlds!

Close ritual as you feel appropriate!

Enjoy your drum and may all your journeys bring truth!

by Derfel

Incense wafts toward the east,
Flame flickers in the south,
Water ripples heading west,
Salt, sand & soil drift north.

The call goes up to kith & kin,
Ancestors are abroad,
Tonight the veil is wafer thin,
The Gods no longer bored.

Leaves are falling from the trees,
Death is all about,
Now 'tis the time of Samhain Eve,
The spirits are coming out.

Badger retreating to his lair,
Vixen in her den,
Back to earth has gone the flower,
All nature seems to ken.

A Druid casts a circle bright,
And all inside are safe,
Old Ones come to add their light,
Protecting every waif.

This night the dead shall walk the earth,
The living cross the bridge,
Time has come to seek & serve,
Those loved beyond the ridge.

Yet even as the curtain draws,
An awesome truth unfolds,
We need fear not our own death's claws,
For passing has no holds.

Just as Bel returns each day,
So shall the plants re-birth,
Past people too shall find their way,
Back home to mother earth.

The wheel has turned as 'er it must,
Too soon the veil is closing,
So spend this night with loved ones past,
And offer heartfelt blessing.

Now give your thanks to those long gone,
And trust this brings them cheer,
To all who live & all who've done,
Merry Samhain & a happy New Year!

The Last Daisy Blooming
by Artic

I have spent the past few days thinking hard about the meaning of Samhain and how it is applying to my life at this moment. I had many fleeting thoughts but what gave me the answer was in my garden all along. Remembrance is a key.

My friend arrived from Mississippi this week, she moved there in July, and how I missed her terribly every day, wondering if I was to see her again. An 8 year friendship just doesn't dissipate after a move of 3 months. Joyfully, she returned this week and together we laughed, cried, dined and chatted. We dug up Iris bulbs from her garden later to be shipped her new home. Also I collected 2 plants to take to my garden and was given 2 wrought iron garden art pieces shaped into oak leaves with acorns.

Her old house now lies empty awaiting for its new owner and as we stood outside on her back porch I sensed her garden and what it had to say to her, she nodded and agreed. We walk in her garden, as we so often done years past, this will be the last time I walk her beautiful landscaped mini forest she coveted in her backyard. She came over to my house after we had lunch and we take tour of my garden.

Must be a thing for Druids and Pagans to cruise garden pads and walk it consistently on a daily basis noticing the glory of nature and how abundant she is. I read her cards and off she went, to visit other friends before she is to leave on Tuesday. This was abundance of the season. Abundance of given time to spend with a sista and to reminisce about the good ole days.

As I plant the herbs on Friday afternoon, I see small white daisy boom in my garden. Odd I thought, daisies bloom during summer solstice, this one stands up proud and tall and survived 3 frosts. Unusual for a summer perennial to do so in this mountain climate.

The Lovage chose a spot next to the Horehound, the Rue chose a spot in the back, on top of a small grave named Hansi. Hansi, a short-haired red tabby, passed away a 2 years ago in the Summer at the age of 17. My mother had 4 cats and each lived out their lives and became one with the earth one by one throughout the years.

Yes, this is what I am looking for, herbs that aren't edible but serve a purpose to be planted on their graves in remembrance of them as well as carrying their memory of their spirit with us into each new year.

Saturday, 2 days before Samhain, I plant the Irises, the purple ones have lineage. They came from a lady named Mary, who once lived in a small house off of Uintah Street, back when this town was built in the late 1800's. Today it is the last house by the sound barrier off the interstate. These Irises have a wonderful grape smell when they bloom, and I am honored to house these bulbs and carry on their lineage and their tradition. The other Irises are pink, some are multicolored. I think surprises are in store for us when they bloom next spring.

I rake the leaves of Ash that have fallen into the grass and gently blanketed my garden with them. By the time I was done, the garden says "thank you for putting us to bed". Leaves fall from the roof and from the gutters, blown out by an air hose, leaves swept up and put into bags, we took what we needed, the rest will be taken to its final resting place to enhance new growth and heal the earth.

As I walk my garden again as I so often do, I noticed the daisy in bloom and behold a yarrow is too! This is truly a first! Flowers blooming in the season of death, what omen could that be? Yarrow speaks, "I grant you health this winter"! Oh yes thank you! Daisy doesn't speak, it waits there patiently for me to read it like I read him for 2 years I spent with him. Then it dawns on me, that's Petal! He is reaching out to me! Petal is the last kitty of mom's to go, he crossed over late last November, at the age of 16. He was a black cat with a white heart upon his mouth. I buried him in what I call the field of daisies and set a daisy upon him to mark his being. This daisy says, remember me please! And I remember him I do. How could I not? He is the last daisy still blooming!

Crossing the Threshold of Time
by Artic

Here we are, in a season of no turning back. The smell of the earth gives her away. Nothing like the odor of wet leaves upon damp grass. I stand out by my garden and I sense the season, yes it changing and the veil is ready to part. The Geimredh season upon us, death waiting for us at the door, yet we know deep inside that death is just merely a transformation not a final rest.

This Samhain seems different than ones past and I receive a message from the Goddess that Samhain's present will always be different, we no longer will hold on to it as we did in the past years, for its time to forge ahead. We are moving into a New Year, thus we create our life and shape it the way desire to, without attachments, without guilt, without blame or hurt. I can feel the air thinning around me and the spirits of the dead ready to make their way to this world. And they do have messages for each and every one of us, if only we take the time to listen.

This seems to be a year of remembrance. We remember not only our loved ones that crossed over but our pets, as well as friends and family that once shared special bonds with us and moved forward with their lives and we no longer see on a day to day basis.
We remember this past year and reflect upon it. A simple tarot spread "Crossing the Threshold of Time " that I personally devised with a deck of your choosing will provide insights both known and unknown. Rosemary burning in your crochan or to help you reflect upon the below will aid in memory recall.

1. What have we harvested that we planted in the spring?
2. How did that crop turn out?
3. What is the final lessons of our life this year that need to be looked upon honestly?
4. Can we accept those lessons and challenges and how they brought changes in our lives?
5. What is changing in our lives for the New Year?
6. What are we leaving behind?
7. What are taking with us?
8. Are we ready to start a new year with a fresh start or will be spinning the web with outdated beliefs, worn tactics and attachments that drag on year after year?
9. What are holding on to that we no longer need? Are we ready to release it to the Cauldron of Ceridwen and move forward with our lives?
10. This card is an optional card, yet can be drawn if more clarification is needed

Another method is to enter deep mediation with the above questions to aid in self-discovery. After deep reflection and final conscious decisions made, its is a beautiful thing to move into a New Year with love, gratitude and happiness. A few hints to embarking upon this druid path for this wonderful time in our lives that presents opportunity for change within so we can shine on the outside and make merry come Oimelc..

-Take time to think of the Old ones, the Enlightened ones, Inner teachers, and Nature guides. Call upon these beings throughout the day, knowing they are always available to assist you.

-Ask your higher self and soul for clarity and guidance about your higher purpose right now and how you can fulfill it today.

-Do something nice for someone.

-Be creative. Indulge self in art and let your self-expression shine through.

-Experience gratitude for as many things as you can, even small things, as you experience
gratitude you draw more good things to yourself.

-Ask before you act, "Is this in the flow for me to do next? Or is there something else that is more in the flow, something that calls to my heart?"

-Go beyond yourself today, Do something that is right on the edge for you that will expand
your boundaries and represent taking a small but doable risk, step outside your comfort zone.

-Observe the physical light around you, get outdoors and absorb the vibrations of the earth, the devas and nature spirits that surround you when you are in nature.

Last Samhain during a public ritual I was asked what path do I wish to follow? And this Samhain I ask myself which path do I wish to follow? Well it is nice to know this answer remains the same. And as I cross the threshold of time, I choose the path of Joy, I choose the path of Less Resistance, I walk the path of Joy.

I hope you do to.

Dalon ap Landu

OMSer Thomas Butler (who has created our lovely new logo/sigil) has taken up the challenge to create the above "Mithrilized" rendition of the formerly formless God of Reformed Druidry - Dalon ap Landu, the "Patron of Groves".

There is a story and a poem about him in the Druid Missal-any, both of which mainly chronicle his "death" at the hands of Hu Gadern...but commentary by archivist Michael Scharding afterwards would seem to hint that perhaps he did not "really" die in the battle, and that - like other Gods before him - he could choose to return to the land of the living...

With that in mind, we have given a Winter project to any Mithrils interested in writing myths to write the next chapter: How did Dalon ap Landu survive the battle? What are his plans for his followers?

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Somewhere, there are people
to whom we can speak with passion
without having the words catch in our throats.
Somewhere a circle of hands will
open to receive us,
eyes will light up as we enter,
voices will celebrate with us
whenever we come into our own power.
Community means strength that
joins our strength
to do the work that needs to be done.
Arms to hold us when we falter.
A circle of healing. A circle of friends.
Someplace where
we can be free.

~ Starhawk, "Dreaming the Dark" ~


As of today we have 152 members, of which:
21 members are eligible for ordination into the First Degree.
16 members are ordained First Degree Druids.
2 members are eligible for ordination into the Second Degree
7 members are ordained Second Degree Druids
2 members are eligible for ordination into the Third Degree
9 members are ordained Third Degree Druids
7 members are eligible for ordination into the Fourth Degree
1 member is an ordained Fifth Degree Druid
2 members are ordained Seventh Degree Druids

During YR 43, the Order experienced a net Membership gain of 14

Total Groves: 2 (+ 1 new Proto-Grove)
Total US Members: 119
Total Canadian Members: 9
Total UK Members: 5
Total International Members: 24
Total Countries represented: 8
Total US States represented: 35
Total Canadian Provinces represented: 6
Top 5 US States: OR=12, CA=13, WA=11, FL=11, NY=7
Total members in areas with Redwood Groves: 5

A Blessing for the Trees
by Correllon DragonSoul

(He wrote this as a blessing that one can offer to trees
that are about to be cut down,
so that their spirits may be at peace.
It is included here with his kind and generous permission)

A nine-fold blessing of the sacred grove
Now be upon all forests of Earth:
For willow of the streams,
Hazel of the rocks,
Alder of the marshes,
Birch of the waterfalls,
Ash of the shade,
Yew of resilience,
Elm of the brae,
Oak of the sun,
And all trees that grow and live and breathe
On hill and brake and glen:

No axe, no saw, no fire shall harm you,
No mind of ownership shall seize you,
No hand of greed or profit claim you,
But grace of the stepping deer among you,
Strength of the running boar beneath you,
Power of the gliding hawk above you.

Deep peace of the running stream through your roots,
Deep peace of the flowering air through your boughs,
Deep peace of the shining stars on your leaves.

That the harp of the woods be heard once more
throughout the green and living Earth.
Go now our elder friend in peace and harmony,
we shall let ring true your songs of wisdom and joy.
May Cerridwen and Cernunnos take you with loving arms.

The Cauldron of Poesy
Translated by Erynn Rowan Laurie 1995/1998
Reprinted with her kind permission

Moí coire coir goiriath
gor rond n-ír Día dam a dúile dnemrib;
dliucht sóir sóerna broinn
bélrae mbil brúchtas úad.
Os mé Amargen glúngel garrglas grélíath,
gním mo goriath crothaib condelgib indethar
-- dath nád inonn airlethar Día do cach dóen,
de thoíb, ís toíb, úas toíb --
nemshós, lethshós, lánshós,
do h-Ébiur Dunn dénum do uath aidbsib ilib ollmarib;
i moth, i toth, i tráeth,
i n-arnin, i forsail, i ndínin-díshail,
sliucht as-indethar altmod mo choiri.

My perfect cauldron of warming
has been taken by the Gods from the mysterious abyss of the elements;
a perfect truth that ennobles from the center of being,
that pours forth a terrifying stream of speech.

I am Amirgen White-knee,
with pale substance and grey hair,
accomplishing my poetic incubation in proper forms,
in diverse colors.

The Gods do not give the same wisdom to everyone,
tipped, inverted, right-side-up;
no knowledge, half-knowledge, full knowledge --
for Eber Donn, the making of fearful poetry,
of vast, mighty draughts death-spells, of great chanting;
in active voice, in passive silence, in the neutral balance between,
in rhythm and form and rhyme,
in this way is spoken the path and function of my cauldrons.

Ciarm i tá bunadus ind airchetail i nduiniu; in i curp fa i n-anmain? As-berat araili bid i nanmain ar ní dénai in corp ní cen anmain. As-berat araili bid i curp in tan dano fo-glen oc cundu chorpthai .i. ó athair nó shenathair, ol shodain as fíru ara-thá bunad ind airchetail & int shois i cach duiniu chorpthu, acht cach la duine adtuíthi and; alailiu atuídi.

Where is the root of poetry in a person; in the body or in the soul? Some say it is in the soul, for the body does nothing without the soul. Some say it is in the body were the arts are learned, passed through the bodies of our ancestors. It is said that this is the truth remaining over the root of poetry, and the wisdom in every person¹s ancestry does not come from the northern sky into everyone, but into every other person.

Caite didiu bunad ind archetail & cach sois olchenae? Ní ansae; gainitir tri coiri i cach duiniu .i. coire goriath & coire érmai & coire sois.

What then is the root of poetry and every other wisdom? Not hard; three cauldrons are born in every person -- the cauldron of warming, the cauldron of motion and the cauldron of wisdom.

Coire goiriath, is é-side gainethar fóen i nduiniu fo chétóir. Is as fo dálter soas do doínib i n-ógoítu.

The cauldron of warming is born upright in people from the beginning. It distributes wisdom to people in their youth.

Coire érmai, immurgu, iarmo-bí impúd moigid; is é-side gainethar do thoib i nduiniu

The cauldron of motion, however, increases after turning; that is to say it is born tipped on its side, growing within.

Coire sois, is é-side gainethar fora béolu & is as fo-dáilter soes cach dáno olchenae cenmo-thá airchetal.

The cauldron of wisdom is born on its lips and distributes wisdom in poetry and every other art.

Coire érmai dano, cach la duine is fora béolu atá and .i. n-áes dois. Lethchlóen i n-áer bairdne & rand. Is fóen atá i n-ánshruithaib sofhis & airchetail. Conid airi didiu ní dénai cach óeneret, di h-ág is fora béolu atá coire érmai and coinid n-impoí brón nó fáilte.

The cauldron of motion then, in all artless people is on its lips. It is side-slanting in people of bardcraft and small poetic talent. It is upright in the greatest of poets, who are great streams of wisdom. Not every poet has it on its back, for the cauldron of motion must be turned by sorrow or joy.

Ceist, cis lir foldai fil forsin mbrón imid-suí? Ní ansae; a cethair: éolchaire, cumae & brón éoit & ailithre ar dia & is medón ata-tairberat inna cethair-se cíasu anechtair fo-fertar.

Question: How many divisions of sorrow turn the cauldrons of sages? Not hard; four: longing and grief, the sorrows of jealousy, and the discipline of pilgrimage to holy places. These four are endured internally, turning the cauldrons, although the cause is from outside.

Atáat dano dí fhodail for fíilte ó n-impoíther i coire sofhis, .i. fáilte déodea & fáilte dóendae.

There are two divisions of joy that turn the cauldron of wisdom; divine joy and human joy.

Ind fháilte dóendae, atáat cethéoir fodlai for suidi .i. luud éoit fuichechtae & fáilte sláne & nemimnedche, imbid bruit & biid co feca in duine for bairdni & fáilte fri dliged n-écse iarna dagfhrithgnum & fáilte fri tascor n-imbias do-fuaircet noí cuill cainmeso for Segais i sídaib, conda thochrathar méit motchnaí iar ndruimniu Bóinde frithroisc luaithiu euch aige i mmedón mís mithime dia secht mbliadnae beos.

There are four divisions of human joy among the wise -- sexual intimacy, the joy of health and prosperity after the difficult years of studying poetry, the joy of wisdom after the harmonious creation of poems, and the joy of ecstacy from eating the fair nuts of the nine hazels of the Well of Segais in the Sidhe realm. They cast themselves in multitudes, like a ram¹s fleece upon the ridges of the Boyne, moving upstream swifter than racehorses driven on midsummer¹s day every seven years.

Fáilte déoldae, immurugu, tórumae ind raith déodai dochum in choiri érmai conid n-impoí fóen, conid de biit fáidi déodai & dóendai & tráchtairi raith & frithgnamo imale, conid íarum labrait inna labarthu raith & do-gniat inna firthu, condat fásaige & bretha a mbríathar, condat desimrecht do cach cobrai. Acht is anechtair ata-tairberat inna hí-siu in coire cíasu medón fo-fertar.

The Gods touch people through divine and human joys so that they are able to speak prophetic poems and dispense wisdom and perform miracles, giving wise judgment with precedents, and blessings in answer to every wish. The source of these joys is outside the person and added to their cauldrons to cause them to turn, although the cause of the joy is internal.

Ara-caun coire sofhis
sernar dliged cach dáno
dia moiget moín
móras cach ceird coitchiunn
con-utaing duine dán.

I sing of the cauldron of wisdom
which bestows the nature of every art,
through which treasure increases,
which magnifies every artisan,
which builds up a person through their gift.

Ar-caun coire n-érmai
intlechtaib raith
rethaib sofhis
srethaib imbais
indber n-ecnai
ellach suíthi
srúnaim n-ordan
indocbáil dóer
domnad insce
intlecht ruirthech
rómnae roiscni
sáer comgni
cóemad felmac
fégthar ndliged
deligter cíalla
cengar sési
sílaigther sofhis
sonmigter soír
sóerthar nád shóer,
ara-utgatar anmann
ad-fíadatar moltae
modaib dliged
deligthib grád
glanmesaib soíre
soinscib suad
srúamannaib suíthi,
sóernbrud i mberthar
bunad cach sofhis
sernar iar ndligiud
drengar iar frithgnum
fo-nglúaisi imbas
inme-soí fáilte
faillsigther tri brón;
búan bríg
nád díbdai dín.
Ar-caun coire n-érmai.

I sing of the cauldron of motion
understanding grace,
accumulating wisdom
streaming ecstacy as milk from the breast,
it is the tide-water of knowledge
union of sages
stream of splendor
glory of the lowly
mastery of speech
swift intelligence
reddening satire
craftsman of histories
cherishing pupils
looking after binding principles
distinguishing meanings
moving toward music
propagation of wisdom
enriching nobility
ennobling the commonplace
refreshing souls
relating praises
through the working of law
comparing of ranks
pure weighing of nobility
with fair words of the wise
with streams of sages,
the noble brew in which is boiled
the true root of all knowledge
which bestows according to harmonious principle
which is climbed after diligence
which ecstacy sets in motion
which joy turns
which is revealed through sorrow;
it is enduring fire
undiminishing protection.
I sing of the cauldron of motion.

Coire érmai,
ernid ernair,
mrogaith mrogthair,
bíathaid bíadtair,
máraid márthair,
áilith áiltir,
ar-cain ar-canar,
fo-rig fo-regar,
con-serrn con-serrnar
fo-sernn fo-sernnar.

The cauldron of motion
bestows, is bestowed
extends, is extended
nourishes, is nourished
magnifies, is magnified
invokes, is invoked
sings, is sung
keeps, is kept,
arranges, is arranged,
supports, is supported.

Fó topar tomseo,
fó atrab n-insce,
fó comair coimseo
con-utaing firse.

Good is the well of poetry,
good is the dwelling of speech,
good is the union of power and mastery
which establishes strength.

Is mó cach ferunn,
is ferr cach orbu,
berid co h-ecnae,
echtraid fri borbu.

It is greater than every domain,
it is better than every inheritance,
it bears one to knowledge,
adventuring away from ignorance.

(Visit her website at: http://www.seanet.com/~inisglas/

The Layers

I have walked through many lives,
some of them my own,
and I am not who I was,
though some principle of being
abides, from which I struggle
not to stray.
When I look behind,
as I am compelled to look
before I can gather strength
to proceed on my journey,
I see the milestones dwindling
toward the horizon
and the slow fires trailing
from the abandoned camp-sites,
over which scavenger angels
wheel on heavy wings.
Oh, I have made myself a tribe
out of my true affections,
and my tribe is scattered!
How shall the heart be reconciled
to its feast of losses?
In a rising wind
the manic dust of my friends,
those who fell along the way,
bitterly stings my face.
Yet I turn, I turn,
exulting somewhat,
with my will intact to go
wherever I need to go,
and every stone on the road
precious to me.
In my darkest night,
when the moon was covered
and I roamed through wreckage,
a nimbus-clouded voice
directed me:
"Live in the layers,
not on the litter."
Though I lack the art
to decipher it,
no doubt the next chapter
in my book of transformations
is already written.
I am not done with my changes.

~ Stanley Kunitz ~
(Passing Through)


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by Mary Oliver

When death comes
like the hungry bear in autumn;
when death comes and takes all the bright coins from his purse

to buy me, and snaps the purse shut;
when death comes
like the measles-pox;

when death comes
like an iceberg between the shoulder blades,

I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering:
what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness?

And therefore I look upon everything
as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,
and I look upon time as no more than an idea,
and I consider eternity as another possibility,

and I think of each life as a flower, as common
as a field daisy, and as singular,

and each name a comfortable music in the mouth
tending as all music does, toward silence,

and each body a lion of courage, and something
precious to the earth.

When it's over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

When it is over, I don't want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.
I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.

I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.


Medium sized pumpkin (4 pounds)
1-1/2 pounds lean ground beef
1/3 cup chopped green pepper
3/4 cup chopped celery
3/4 cup chopped onion
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 Tablespoon brown sugar
1 4-ounce can mushrooms
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cups cooked rice
Black olives
Steamed carrot
Whole cloves
Fresh parsley

Using a sharp knife, cut lid from pumpkin and scoop out pumpkin seeds and excess membrane with a scraping tool.

In a large skillet, combine ground beef, chopped green pepper, chopped celery, and chopped onion and cook over medium heat until ground beef is browned.

Add next seven ingredients to skillet.

Mix well and place mixture into pumpkin cavity.

Place lid on pumpkin.

Place pumpkin on a foil-lined cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 1-1/2 hours.

Just before serving, embellish pumpkin by placing (with toothpicks) black olives to make eyes, a steamed carrot to make a nose, and whole cloves to make a mouth. Use fresh parsley leaves to make hair around lid opening.

To serve, scoop out part of the baked pumpkin, along with the meat mixture, onto each plate.


Today is Samhain, or November 1, 2005 CE.

It is the 1st the day of the 44th Year of the Reform, the 1st day of the Season of Geimredh, and the 1st day of the Month of MÌ na Samhna.

It is also Tuesday, in the common tongue, or Dydd Mawrth in Welsh.

It is the Druidic day of the Holly.

NEW MOONS occur on 1 Geimredh, 31 Geimredh and 60 Geimredh.
occur on 15 Geimredh, 45 Geimredh, and 75 Geimredh.

The birthday of Co-Founder Sybok Pendderwydd, occurs on 15 Geimredh.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on 21 Geimredh.

The birthday of Celtic Bard and Honorary OMS Druid, Robin Williamson, occurs on 24 Geimredh.

The birthday of CAW founder and Honorary OMS Druid, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, occurs on 30 Geimredh.

Me·n Geimhridh (December) begins on 31Geimredh
(a Thursday - Dydd Lau - Day of the Oak).

Yule / Alban Arthuan, or the Winter Solstice occurs on 51 Geimredh.

The Sun enters Capricorn on 51 Geimredh.

Deireadh Geimredh (January) begins on 62 Geimredh
(a Saturday - Dydd Sadwrn -- Day of the Coast Redwood).

The Sun enters Aquarius on 80 Geimredh.

The Season of Earrach, the first day of MÌ na hOimelc , 1 Earrach 44 begins at Sunset on January 31st.


Source of Courage for my Soul,
your season of winter teaches me
about the dark season inside of me.
All the old external props fall away in winter,
Nothing to rely on except the whisper of faith.

In the light of a summer’s brilliant day,
it is easy to be brave and confident,
but inside of winter, I stumble blindly,
seeking what I so easily fed on in the light.
This winter journey demands steel courage,
firm determination, fierce boldness,
a heart unyielding to the phantoms of fear
And the menacing moans of despair.

When I stay on this inward road,
true abundance becomes known.
Winter shows what summer never could:
the core of what I believe and value,
the sum of who and what I love.
I learn the enormous power of endurance
and the gift of accepting and loving
who I truly am.

Wise Spirit of the Darkness,
Take my hand and teach me to be unafraid,
of the wild winds of my inner winter.
Lead me through the gloomy valleys
and teach me how to walk in the dark.

~ Author Unknown ~

Winter Solstice

Quietly She strolls across Her lands
Snowy tresses flowing
Diamond icicle earrings dangling
Perfume of smoky scented hearth

Shhh, she utters with her crispy breath
As she enfolds you in Her icy embrace
In hushed reverence you listen
Slow my child, She says
Hear your gentle heartbeat
It stokes the fire of promise
Dream now in my arms,
I'll awaken you when you're rested

~ Author Unknown ~

Waken your soul at the harp of harmony
Chord of grace
Chord of gladness
Chord of glory
Beautify your being
Awaken your heart
Inspire your soul
May the chorus of peace preserve your soul
This first day of Winter

~ Caitlin Matthews ~

The Mother Grove wishes all of you
a most inspiring Samhain, a joyous Yule,
and abundant blessings throughout the season!

May you never thirst!

Arch-Druid Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Managing Editor/Webmaster
Sybok Pendderwydd, Clerk
Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd Grove, OMS


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