by OMS/RDG Member Phagos

(Reprinted with Permission)

White against an obsidian sky,
Darkness punctuated by iridescent points of light
Shapes superimposed on the heavens above
Corners upturned like a bowl to be filled

The earliest crescent,
The maiden in the sky
I see that light, the Goddess’ eye
And my thoughts go out to you

Just beneath the shining curve,
A beacon bright and brilliant
Looking up from underneath
I feel me standing there

Some would call it “Venus”,
Basking in an orbit
Full of light and visibility
Consort of the sun

Yet I know, in my world,
It is me, seeing you this night
With each darkening sky
I find a different perspective

To watch from afar, is not enough;
To see you in radiance
Is to hold you in awe and wanting
I lift my desire up to you

My arms mimic your shape,
As I hold them aloft into the night
The planet and the crescent
Merge to become one

I pull my shoulders back,
Like drawing oars through space
And pull you into my sphere
And call you close to me

And from that orb you descend,
Silken and alabaster
The tip of your foot
Slides into my upturned hands

You glide onto me, weightlessly,
My arms become a cradle
I feel every inch of your body
As it settles, gently, from above

You are the crescent I uphold,
Our lips touch in passing
My mouth caresses your nipples
And I gaze at you in awe

Two bodies on black satin,
The sky tucked in around the edges
The lights glow sharper now
Against the heavens soft as time

Two bodies embrace and join,
The world goes on unknowing and silent
The breeze turns the sky so slowly
Blowing like a curtain in the stars

25 April 2007
©2007 by The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved