Yule Tree Blessing Ritual

by Dorothy Morrison

White candle
Pine incense
Small dish of water

Once the tree is placed and ready for decorating, light the incense and the candle. Hold the incense and, beginning in the East, walk around the tree clockwise and say something like:

With Air, I bless this tree of life
And blow away all stress and strife

Hold the candle and, beginning in the South, walk around the tree and say something like:

I bless this tree by warmth of Fire
From which passion flows, and heart's desire

Hold the water dish and, beginning in the West, walk around the tree and sprinkle it while you say something like:

A gift of Water now I give
The cleansing flow by which we live

Take a handful of salt and, beginning in the North, circle the tree and sprinkle it while you say something like:

I give you now the gift of Earth
The grounding force of love and mirth

Finally, circle the tree once more and say:

I cast this loving blessing fast
So peace and good will here shall last
I honor you, my friend, the tree
And bring you thanks now - blessed be

Source: Yule - A Celebration of Warmth & Light