An undying leafy rider
that seems to live on
when even its branching wind horse sapsucklemother
has surrendered it's green and its life to Winter
along with the rest
of the creaking, groaning, soughing, sighing
herd of vegetable beasts.
That rider sits smug and secure
like a smiling dwarfish jockey
on a thundering brown leggy thing
and like a stylish topknot
on a dancing goddess
the trickster who hides in abundance
but loudly declaims in paucity
"Here is abundance still!
Here is dark green dense full round microcosmic abundance still!
Here is leathery green symmetrical brittle abundance still!
Here is where abundance clusters:
cluster with me and abundance will cluster
with you!"
So we do,
and bring it inside
to place strategically
so that its cluster encourages intimate clustering.
This globular herb,
the pineal gland of the forest,
the window
the witness,
to the sustaining spirit of nature
that has elsewhere fled but here declares
its constancy;
the testament,
that says "here it is" "take this"
(to remember me by).

~~ From "The Golden Bough" by Frazier ~~