Toasting the Old Year and New Year

Toast to the Old Year

Kick off Solstice with a morning apple juice toast to the Old Year, saying something like:

Winter day of longest night
Step aside now for the light
Thank you for the things you've brought
That only darkness could have wrought

Then name off the gifts of darkness - regeneration, peace, dreams, organization, quietude, healing, and so on - and drink the juice.

That evening, set the Yule log ablaze, preferably starting it from a bit of last year's log; settle in front of the fire, sip hot buttered rum, and toast the Sun by saying something like:

Old King, we thank You for all You've done
For lessons learned, and victories won
We must, however, bid You adieu
For Your reign is finished - 'tis over and through
Come forth, Young King of newest light
Be born with ease; grow strong and bright
Gain strength and stature in the sky
Shed Your warmth on us now from on high

Afterward, make silent wishs for the coming year and exchange gifts...

Toast to the New Year

The next morning, toast the Sun with orange juice, saying something like:

O Newborn Sun of love and light
Rise quickly now, rise high and bright
Gain power in the sky above
We grant you our support and love