Three Winter Poems

Generously contributed by OMS/RDG Druid
Karen Phillippi “Forestspirit”

Harvesting Myself

Summer is abundant and green
Winter is quiet and white
Autumn is a blaze of color
I straddle this center
This beginning of quietness
when it is not quite quiet in Nature
or in Me.

Cusp between opposite seasons
opportunity to receive
to grow
to harvest
to realize.

Abundance and shedding
what will I keep?
what will I release?

Each year is different
Each year is the same.
It's all within me
It's all One.

Winter Night

I lit a candle last night
and watched the golden flame from across the room.
A stilling calmness radiating forth.
I turned my head
and looked out into the night.
Snow poured from the sky
Silver and grey fat flakes
mounded on the garage roof.
Where did the roof stop
and the sky begin?
The oak branches silhouetted on the palette
was the only break in the winter whiteness.
Peace in the stillness
Peace in the flame
Movement, but stillness. A lesson.

Going Within

Late afternoon light slants across the lawn
emerald green has turned to sapphire blue.
at just the right angle
the blue sky matches the blue snow.
ice crystals sparkle
twinkling lights in the twilight.
if summer is lush with warmth
winter's hues are cool and sharp.
I withdraw within,
seeking the I AM.
Touching the Source
Knowing the Joy.