A Druid's Pledge

Generously contributed by OMS/RDG Druid
Aisling beith ferch Arianrhod

Towering three hundred feet high
Nature’s skyscrapers sway in the wind
Mist forms as darkness draws nigh
A fairy realm feel it does lend.

Trillium bloom pink purple and white
Wood Sorrell hugs the knees of giants
Small creatures scurry out of sight
Dryads whisper in defiance

A single robed figure stands
Hands out stretched to touch the bark
Whispering pleas to heal the lands
Pledging to reduce man’s mark

The trees lean nearer
The wind suddenly stills
To hear the pledge clearer
The elements lend their wills

Time stops ceases to fly
The pledge is accepted
The love is acknowledged
The Earth breathes a sigh