Ogham Reading Series - Winter

Generously contributed by Rev. Druid Patricia Vialpando,
Arch Druid, Circle of Stones, OMS/RDG Druid Grove

Calan Gaeaf Ogham Reading

The Ogham is an essential part of Druidry, it is our divination system and alphabet we were gifted with. Learning to work with Ogham is a test of our ability to speak to and receive guidance from trees.


The meeting of the minds where intellect and wisdom connect brings forth a solemn yet liberal pace. Footsteps are many, time to gather in friendship and love.



Ivy growing in swirl, continually moving in an upwards curl. Berries long gone and leaves in peril, vine clings to trellis as day goes feral.



As leaves fall from the hardened branch, life too does fall. Times brings sadness and joy in which the spark of life crackles like a blazing fire only to reseed and shelter itself from times of pain.

As we head into winter there is much challenge from the transformation that was quested for during the previous season that needs to be sorted out.

Koad shares on the mental level uniting knowledge with truth. Where is your wisdom guiding you? What is your intelligence telling you? Gathering together as a tribe during the holidays fulfills the basic human need of companionship on the heart level. Are you loving with your tribe/clan? Koad also grounds in the physical level. Where are your footsteps going? Are you leaving any?

Transitioning from Summer to Winter is never easy. Holding on to outdated beliefs, ideas and visions cause us to fear the weather ahead. Gort keeps a grip on its support system so it will breath new life into itself come spring. What are you holding on to that needs to be released? What is your support system for the winter months? Will it sustain you?

The Yuletide holidays brings much frustration and anger amongst family members causing pain. Duir reminds us to shield ourselves from these outside influences like the hardened shell on the acorn to keep the meaty part inside tender and true.


Take time to mediate with Koad, Gort and Duir, individually and jot down their impressions. Harness their power by visualizing Duir as the body, Gort entwining around the body and Koad surrounding the outside of the body. Feel their different energies filling up the reservoir of the heart and central column of light by expanding the energy outwards to the universe while supporting, guiding and shielding you on a daily basis.

Working with Ogham connects us to nature and the rhythm of life. Shall we dance?