Seasonal Guided Meditation - Winter Solstice

Close your eyes, relax, and breathe deeply. Let your breathing become slow, deep, easy.

Relax and continue breathing deeply and gently as...We enter the time of the greatest dark.
It is the dark of the longest night.
...the dark of the cold universe between the stars and planets.
...the dark of the sea,
...the dark of the womb.

Wrap this darkness gently about you like a comfortable blanket.
Float gently now in its depths.


Grow here, nourished by an invisible cord that connects you to the Source of all life.
Floating gently in the dark...
Softly rocking in the dark...

(Longer Pause)

And though it is dark, we realize that what surrounds us is not empty, but -- like the womb -- full of life. Take a moment now to sense the swirling, nurturing energy of the dark.


And now, as the energy increases, it gives birth to the smallest spark imaginable, the spark of new life.

See that spark now as it glows, watch that spark now, watch it as it grows.
Glowing brighter and brighter, it grows into a flame.

And as you look at this flame, its light fills you with warmth, with love.
And as you feel increased love and warmth within you, the visible intensity of the flame slowly diminishes and as it does, in its place, slowly becoming visible, is the outline of a present.
This gift becomes more solid, until you can see its form clearly and see that it is wrapped in a glistening filament of light.

This gift has your name on it, inscribed in the glistening material. Still from some distance, you see your name now, on this gift. Even if you are near-sighted you have no trouble making out the letters, for you now have perfect vision.

Is your name written in a special color? Is the inscription special in any other way?

Approach your wrapped present now more closely. What shape is it? How big is it? What color is its wrapping?
Pick it up: is it light? heavy?
And now you unwrap your gift. How easy or difficult is it to unwrap?
You finish opening it now and you receive your gift.
What is it?


Look at it carefully. Experience it fully.
Accept it. Accept your gift with joy. Feel your heart warm with the love with which this gift is given to you.

And now, from your heart, send out gratitude for this gift, send out thanks for this gift to the Goddess, to Our Great Mother, to the Universe: to the Goddess who is the Universe -- both the dark and the light. Send out your thanks for this gift.


Now, if you wish, find a place to keep this gift, a place to put this gift, so you can keep it with you during our ritual now and, if you wish, take it with you when you leave the circle.

And now, bringing your special gift with you, be fully present in our circle.
Move your body. Open your eyes. Come back to this place and time.

From She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, 10th Anniversary Edition.
Copyright 1999 by Judith Laura.
Used with permission.