The State of the Reform
1 Geimredh YGR 05

Being the 5th Year of the 2nd Age of the Druid Reform


As of today 630 Druids have registered with the RDG:

36 members are initiated Second Degree Druids
members are eligible for ordination into the Third Degree
members are ordained Third Degree Druids (Clergy)
13% of our members belong to a Grove
67% of our members belong to an Order

30% of Grove members also belong to an Order
4000+ non-registered, "defacto" members (not factored into any percentages)

During YGR 04, we experienced a net registration gain of 46

Total Groves chartered: 11
Total Orders Established: 1
Total North American Druids: 600
Total Druids in CELTIC Lands: 7
Total International Druids: 48
Total Countries represented: 17

Our oldest Druid is 78 years old.
Our youngest Druid is 20 years old.
were born prior to 1945.
were born between 1946-1964.
were born between 1965-1981.
were born since 1982.