Words of the Morrigan

by Raven Spirit

When the winter winds doth blow, you will hear my call
I am the mother of the brave, and will catch you when you fall
I am the goddess of battles long, and struggles that run deep

When the fighting is over, you are the prize you keep
You will see me as the bird most look upon as ill
But in the heart of my child the raven brings a thrill

I am the Queen of prophecy and things yet unknown
But look with in your deepest heart for there all things are shown
I walk the pathway between life and death, the sword is in my hand
I strike the final and deadly blow, spilling blood upon the land

But don't think me harsh, or cold, for that is not my way
I sit and weep at the ford, washing the blood away
You are my child and I your Queen, when you take my hand
The end of time, and your days. I will lead you to Summerland