Divination for Calan Gaeaf

Generously contributed by
Archdruid Dyddgu Rhys

(Using the Tarot of Transformation Deck)

Nature is healing us consistently and this time it is no exception. While I was in channel with Nature she has made it perfectly clear this is the season of change and transmutation therefore aligning with this change is necessary. Giving the Ogham readings were fun and like the cloak of nature always ever changing so do the divination readings for the Druid's Egg. These will be changed to various divination styles including the Ogham upon occasion because the incoming energies for 2012 are very wild and erratic, nothing is stable and to flow with these energies is to roll with the changes that will be forthcoming.

The Spirit of Transformation

Inner Seeing-6 of Wands

Turning inward to view the forthcoming vision compassing what is to be and what direction to take.

Manifesting Home-4 of Disks

Return to the vast ocean of consciousness swimming near the surface to view the light that abounds.

The Great View-10 of Disks

The vision of the past disappearing while the vision of the future is still to remain unwritten.

This spread speaks greatly of the upcoming spiritual vision for 2012, Remaining prophetless, the vision tells of greatness that will be joining us if we only take the time to seek inward our own vision for the future for the embodiment of the whole. Much healing has been accomplished on personal levels, now it is time to unite on a global healing level to manifest our desires for a world united through Nature. Looking back to the past we came a long way, now it is time to forge a new path with our wings spread outwards anticipating all that the Universe and Mother Earth has to offer. We are leaving the Dark Night of the Soul of planetary influences and moving into the Light of the Universe.

We are being called to work with the new energies that are arriving, entwining them with our heart and soul to produce a solid basis of our work with the Earth Mother by pulling down new strands on a daily basis, anchoring these strands to the base of our trunks all the while maintaining the higher vision for ourselves, our tribes, the Earth Queendoms and the global collective.