Samhain Revisited

by Raven Spirit

The wheel has turned
The seasons spun
The year ends as well as begun
The Ancients spoke
They are revered
We hear their call that much is clear
Between the worlds we go once more
As we walk through the sacred door
The cycles of life, we weave the web
Of things we experience in both soul and head
The Lord and Lady join us too
To celebrate the cycles as we all move
They come to us as Sage and Crone
To share with us things yet unknown
This is the harvest of goals set
The final harvest of three
Did you reap the fruits that you wanted?
Or did you find your harvest in lack?
The growth of desires rest on your shoulders
The job of the grower is yours
While the Lord and the Lady will aid you
The field is not theirs to do.
Be not afraid of the death here
It enfolds in a cold chilly cloak
It comes to bring balance to the cycle
And the promise of life invoke.

It is at Samhain that the Crone Goddess rules. Known as Cerridwen, Hecate, Kali, Persephone, Arianrhod, the Morrigan and many other names, She governs the areas of death and rebirth, esoteric sciences, healing, and the wisdom of the ages. It is She who opens the gate in the West for those who have departed to travel into the Summerland. Wise mother of us all, we look to Her to help us in transition from one life to the next. She brings us into the Womb of the Mother to assist us in being reborn once again. It is through Her wisdom and guidance that we learn lessons from our past and begin life anew. Witches [“or Druids”…editor] perform rituals, using the Crone's assistance, to leave behind anything they do not want to carry on into the future; past relationships, insecurities, bad habits, and those things that are not for our benefit.