Generously contributed by Robert F. Burke

i am here
in this place,
my body,
in the space
of a blink.
with intermittent fervor
i labor,
confined and in wait,
knowing the days
which feel endless
and challenging,
are but a twinkle.
i ask myself,
when existing becomes weary,
consider that time
is but a beat.
dwell not in despair,
i say.
for my eyes
will close soon enough,
and all that i call
will march into bliss.
dear souls,
hear these words
from the me
in this moment.
i am not unique.
we are but a blink.
fleeting, limited by Purpose,
challenged to unmask Opportunity,
but only while here
in this space.
a moment will come
when each will look back
and see
time in the now
is but a twinkle,
a mere beat.
take comfort
in this wisdom.
enjoy your Life.
it is by design
a most glorious adventure
encapsulated in the tiniest of frames,
a blink.