A Rite of a Crochan's Birth and Awakenings

Generously contributed by Druid Finneagas Drayven MacColl

Crochan = cauldron
Cryman = sickle
Gwialen = wand

This is a small rite of awakening a new Crochan, at the times of deep fall to early winter. It should be done at a New Moon, at the first crest of light, in a Grove, on a hearth, or a table surrounded with nine candles or torches blazing. Fresh water is in a small bowl off to one side, a Cryman is needed, a Gwialen is also needed, some light incense of your choosing (I prefer mine with a dragonsblood base).The Crochan is properly consecrated in the manner upon which you choose, better it be with each of elements proper. The rest is easy just follow the writ here!

The Crochan is laid upon the Altar, hearth or table upside down, as you begin the process of imaging-connecting to the Goddess Cerridwen, say this slowly, with easy breath.

'Deep from the enchantments of the shimmering Lake,
A low flame of a Crochan is revealed,
Its calls a slumbering power to shape,
what the World soon to know, as the Raven calls!'

'Awaken to the path, the movement's make,
From the Other when to the Starry height of now,
A Goddess steps forward to ladle Her brewing might,
Shaping, working, weaving, upon the Crochan beckonings!'

'The holy hearth crackles in song, bollows of the old blind man tending,
The illumined hall of Tegid doeth show, the old bent woman wending,
The black door intends to keep hidden all in the shadowy keep,
Yet, behold, the Crochan of the stirring, emboldened lustrations seeks!'

(Turn the Crochan over seeing a small, meager spiritual fire with awakening) continue invoking:

'Who stands about of nine pearls, lip flaming make?
Who of the nine maid's of Rowan, whose breath's rendering the ways?
Who, by watching of the mixing brew, doeth the black hens biddings?'

'Cerridwen, Cerridwen, Cerridwen! Thou of Ladle of sacred blessings!'

(Pour the fresh water into the Crochan)

'Blender of the herbs of all enlightenments, Wondrous Enchanter,
Knower of the darkened deep of Annfwn, sublime Protectress,
Wilding of the haunt-wood, by lake, tree, and solid Earth,
Tend Ye as we call this, Crochan, illumined of waters lustrous, of life!
Hold Ye, as we name this Crochan,(_______) Thy word is Mine!
Charge Ye, as we offer this Crochan, in this Grove, this land, this place,
Awaken Ye, Cerridwen, Cerridwen, Cerridwen, this elixir font with Awens!'

(Place the right forefinger of the right hand into the waters, touch this to your brow in three strokes)

The Cryman is waved over the Crochan in the shape of the triskele at each mentioning...

'Awens! Awens! Awen! The Crochan is awakened to serve the Grove and my will!'

'Awens! Awens! Awens! The Crochan is enchanted to weave the magick and all rites!'

'Awens! Awens! Awens! The Crochan is awaiting the sigil of its longing, its truest mate!'

(The water is now turned out of the Crochan, onto the ground or in a bowl dried out and placed back in position and the Cryman is placed on the top lip or at the base of the north pod)

The Gwialen is taken up, pointed to the Crochan and Cryman, and three circles of light is traced deosil around the Crochan and so said:

'May this Crochan be given birth in the Three Realms of existences and amongst the Sun, moon and Stars!'

'May you now be anointed in the seven powers, and by so be bond of my will'

'As I invoke I create, my words are the words of Cerridwen, and my magick is the same''

'By this Seren Derwydd, that is Thy mate who calls Thee, about, above, below, and deep within!'

(The Gwialen now traces the Seren Derwydd about the Crochan and Cryman, from the Saturn to the Sun point invoking)

'I conjure with this Crochan as Cerridwen conjures, free of will, life and spirit'.

A small violet-light purple candle is lit and placed into the Crochan, and when it is spent the Crochan is blessed, empowered and ready to be used at any time, place or season!