The Three Fires

We acknowledge the Three Fires that give light, warmth, and life to all:

First, to the spirits of the land and this place;
Be with us and guide us,
Be our hospitable hosts as we are your gracious guests.

We acknowledge the second fire:
The fire of the ancestors, of blood and of culture,
That we carry in our hearts and thoughts;
Be with us and inspire us,
Be our excellent exemplars as we are your devoted descendants.

We acknowledge the third fire:
The great fire of the gods and goddesses,
The powers and inhabitants of the otherworld;
Be with us and enlighten us,
Be our perpetual patrons as we are your constant clients.

To the Three Fires—may we kindle you at all times, and may you never be extinguished!
Bendachta Dé ocus An-Dé foraib—
the blessings of the Gods and the Non-Gods be on all of you!

~~ Source Unknown ~~